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ManyasaπŸ’•  Here for JigyasaManish our ManyasaπŸ’˜πŸ˜ Thahaan/Manyasa/ThayanπŸ˜»πŸ’˜ Love them so muchπŸ˜πŸ’• MannazeeπŸ’˜ 24thApr-Mani❀ 5-17thJune-Jiggu❀ 14thJune-Mani❀


@manish_goplani feeling sleepy awww go sleep Manii 😘😘❀❀ #manishgoplani #cuteness

@jigyasa_07 new dp 😍😍❀ #JigyasaSingh #gorgeous

@jigyasa_07 😍😍😍 #JigyasaSingh #cuteness

@Regrann from @gaurav.wadhwa.90 - FUN after pack up 🎬 - #regrann

Thahaan romantic OS :
Bihaan returned back after 15 years of being away from his love, his soul mate , his chuk chuk gadi Thapki. He was finally happy this fine morning and he thought to make tonight special for their love as it has been too long since they spent some quality time together. He headed downstairs towards all family members. He scratched his head and said,"Baujhi woh chacha ka phone aaya tha woh bolrahe the ke hum sab unke ghar jaaye ek raat keliye sone lakin hum toh nahi jasakte aapko pata hai na mujhe doctor ne aaram karne keliye bola hai." Baujhi thought for a while and was like "phir kaun rahega tumhare saath ? Main rehta hoon'' then Bihaan quickly objects and says ''Nahi nahi Baujhi aap kyun aap jaye na..Thapki hai na mere paas." Thapki quickly shifted her gaze to Bihaan as she nodded, "H-h-haan theek hai m-main rukh jati hoon Bihaan ke p-pas" Suman felt something fishy but she didn't want to disturb their plans. The whole family go to pack their stuff for the night. Thapki sits on the couch as she saw whole family ready to leave. She and Bihaan waves goodbye to them as they all left for the night and it was just her and him alone now. Bihaan coughed a bit, "suno.." She made a sound of.."mmhhmm?" He then extended his hand forward it was a black sleeveless saari with backless top. "Main chahta hoon ke tum yeh pehno humare liye." Thapki looks at him and grabs the packet and opens up the box, she felt shy. "Main y-yeh k-kais--" Bihaan covered her mouth with his hand covering her lips. "Kuch mat bolo sirf pehno..bohot waqt guzar chuka haii..aab aur intezaar nahi hota.." She felt shy and nodded as she also craved for his love. She missed him way too much. She headed upstairs to change, and Bihaan stayed downstairs waiting for his princess Katrina to come down. Thapki wore the black sleeveless backless saari..she opened up her hair leaving them covering her back. She curled her hair a bit. She applied light make up and she bit on her lower lip feeling extremely nervous. She held onto her saari dupatta with her fingers rolling around them. She moved downstairs keeping her gaze below. Bihaan slowly moved his gaze up and saw his shining moonlight

@manish_goplani taking rest back at home ❀ #manishgoplani #cuteness

@jigyasa_07 cuteness 😍😍❀ #JigyasaSingh #cuteness

Mani is back πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ @manish_goplani baarish welcoming you 😘😘 #manishgoplani #lovehim

Lovely exposed and lovely will apologise to all and leave.

@Regrann from @thahaan_sweetest_couple_ - Upcomings.....
Lovely will leave pandey nivas.... - #regrann

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