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Manuel Roman  27yrs old. midland Texas. married father of three 193 lbs

Taking care of my sisters dogs while they're out of town,and being the good brother I am I decided to take care of her home gym as well lol

Had a little time to work on this one yesterday,almost done with this one . It's going to be part of a bigger piece #scrapmetalart #metalart #weldart #scrapmetalgun

Father's Day present for my ol' man #scrapmetalart #metalart #weldart #scrapmetalgun

Was running outta strength so I had to refuel with that @bangenergy mid set lol#bangenergy #bangenergydrink

The women are out for the day so it's just me and baby boy!!

Been a while since I hit a handstand session so I decided to hit one when I took my girls to the park today

I'm still here!!!

How I deal with stress at work

Found some other uses outside of body weight work that I could use the bar belt for like adding resistance to bench press work . The straps are adjustable so I can fit them to the bar tight so there's no worry for slipping. I already have sooo many other ideas of how I'm going to incorporate this piece of equipment into a lot of my training. Highly recommend this piece of equipment!!

Got this bar belt from my bro @i_am_niroc ,this shit is legit!!! From the straps to the belt to the resistance bands everything is built for power!!! Messed around with it today on the rings and some bench work but the park is where this piece of equipment is gonna shine!! Won't have to take weight pates with me no more just this light weight setup with HEAVY capability!!

Enjoying the sun this morning!!! Outta all the equipment I've made the flex parallets are definitely the hardest!! @calisthenics_strong_luke and @muscle_up_juan can testify to that lol

Finally hit my first session after 2 weeks with no exercise other than work. Kept it simple with mainly balance and basic rep work

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