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Mantra Wellness Magazine  National Print Magazine ❤️ Vibrant Living. Apothecary. Travel. Clean Beauty. Vegan Eats. Magic. @originmagazine @thrivemags @marandapleasant

🤣🤣😭 Our side is literally hurting from laughing so hard. At least we’re not sleeping in tents with wet mattresses. ❤️ Words: @jess_ekstrom Art: @howtogetittogether

🤣🙌🙋‍♀️ This made us laugh. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy for surface level conversations. It can be exhausting.

Sloooow down Feb. Can you believe it is almost March? We will be in Los Angeles giving away amazing yoga gear, clean beauty products, tons of magazines, and home wares between March 10 and March 16. Watch our stories soon. We would love this gear to go to really deserving single moms, community champions, and other people that could really benefit. quote: @anxieteawithchillys

We are learning. Better skills. Better tools. Better responses. Our upcoming issue is dedicated to giving us more tools. ❤️❤️

Can we just say we were always the last one picked for kickball and it only got worse from there. We can rock this week. Pic: @letterfolk

Look out. March, mercury in Pisces. Start doubling down on that self-care 🤣🤣

Took us almost 40 years to find the love of our lives, and we had actually made peace with that never happening, and as soon as we did (after doing a ton of work on ourselves) we found our dream, and don’t you settle for less than you long for. Career, life, partner, etc.

When we realize how short life is, when we start thinking from the end backwards... makes such a huge difference in how we live and the choices we make ❤️❤️

Cleanin house, cleaning our energy, clearing out and making space for what we really want 💥💥

We love the idea of designing your life. Putting plans, thoughts and actions and place to really create the life you’ve always dreamed about. We are devoting a an entire issue to it. Subscribe by March 5 to get the spring issue in the mail. ❤️❤️

Sums up the month 🤣🙌 Anyone else feeling it? Via @staywildrebelchild

Great to remember just how much power we have, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Especially when it seems like you don’t have choices, you have to dig deeper and connect and ground, baby ground 💥

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