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Manta Trust  As a charity, we co-ordinate global efforts to research & conserve mobulid rays & their habitats. Love mantas? Why not adopt one:

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I love Hanifaru Bay during a storm. The wind whips the ocean into a cauldron as the rain lashes down, saturating the surface waters with tiny air bubbles. Visibility above the water is reduced to a few meters and the noise of the wind and rain is deafening. The ocean is energised and the excitement drives the feeding mantas into a frenzy as they ride the waves upon which their zooplankton prey is bourne with huge mouths agape. #feedingfrenzy #Maldives #baaatoll #hanifarubay #mantatrust #biospherereserve #stormyseas #mantaray #reefmanta

The @mmrp_mantatrust is the founding project of the Manta Trust. Set up back in 2005, we have expanded in recent years and now have projects in five different atolls. From our decade and a half of research, we have only recorded around 20% of the individual mantas moving between atolls. So having five different project bases across the country enables us to survey and study a far greater area.⠀

Meet the Baa Atoll team who are based out of the @fsmaldives Landaa Giraavaru. From left to right: Simon (Research Officer), Tam (Project Leader), Flossy (Education Officer), Dr. Guy Stevens (Founder/CEO), Tiff (Intern), Mary (Intern)

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"Video by @shawnheinrichs // Every year tourists spend an estimated $140 million to see manta rays in the wild. As a result, tourism can form part of the solution to combating the issue of global manta fisheries, providing many countries and governments with a strong economic incentive to protect these animals. By going out to swim with a manta, you are helping conserve one of the ocean's greatest treasures. Dive on in! 🌊 #WorthMoreAlive @indonesianmantaproject @mantatrust @bluespherefoundation @sea_legacy"

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Presenting two types of manta chain:⠀

1. When plankton is abundant, reef mantas use a feeding chain strategy to guzzle as much of their prey as possible. Swimming in line, head to tail, each manta positions itself slightly higher than the ray in front. By doing this they can each catch plankton that has jumped upwards to escape the path of the manta in front.⠀

2. This stunning chain and pendent are part of the @VargasGoteoJewelry Manta collection. For every piece sold, Vargas Goteo are making a donation to the Manta Trust.⠀

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This curious, graceful and streamlined marine species is called @mantaguy, our Founder and CEO. Swimming beside him is a manta ray 😉⠀

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If you are on a manta dive or snorkel trip, your operator should drop you off no less than 10m from the animals or site. Then again... just like when you're in the water, don't expect the mantas to give a damn about your personal space!

To learn more visit

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"Happy #mantamonday !
A magical manta moment with this small manta and its entourage of fish. .
On tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions
Shooting with @nikonaustralia and @aquatech_imagingsolutions"

Did you know that @vargasgoteojewelry donate to our manta ray research and conservation every time someone buys a piece of their beautiful Manta collection? Their wide range of manta inspired jewelry includes rings, bracelets and necklaces!⠀

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Follow @mantamexicocaribe to keep up with their exciting efforts to learn more about and protect mantas in the Mexico Caribbean!

Reposting @jim_abernethy: "This beautiful manta is just one of hundreds that gather with the whale shark aggregation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. These docile social creatures are really engaging to observe in the wild! I'm very grateful to all who have taken huge successful efforts to protect this magnificent creature! @jim_abernethy #ilovemantas #savemantas #conservation #sharksaver #sharkart #mantaray #beautiful #epicencounters #epicimages #naturephotography"

Sometimes the @mantamexicocaribe team are lucky enough to encounter devil rays in the waters of Isla Mujeres. They may be significantly smaller than their cousins, but these beautiful mini-mantas are so graceful, quick and agile that sharing the water with them is a real treat!⠀

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We love looking at mantas from every angle... this angle is particularly cool! Reposting @sealife_differently: ...
"The acrobatic displays of a feeding manta ray in the shallow waters.
With its mouth wide open, and a wingspan of 4 meters across this manta continuously did backflips (aka. barrel rolling) filtering plankton as I lay on the surface in awe of the agility, beauty & awareness of this intelligent fish.

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