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Notice: Have you seen this Amazon coat? Little did @halemur know of its viral nature until she took it out on the streets and saw it... everywhere. Read the story of her acquisition, disillusionment, et al and let us know the last time you spotted one in the wild 👀

MR contributing writer @philipellis asks: Why do we not apply the same level of scrutiny and attention to our friendships as we do our relationships? Read the full story via link in bio, and share your thoughts on his query below.

Happy #coolpantsfriday from Tyra, neon zebras, and no one else!!! (Me too, though)

Controversial thought: Is black the new millennial pink?? Read @harlingross’s investigation into why it might be, link in bio, and drop some thoughts on whether you confirm/deny this query below.

Remember those ankle-grazing skirts from circa the late ‘90s? They are going to be a THING this year. @harlingross investigates their rampant New York Fashion Week runway presence via link in bio, but the question of what to call this in-betweensy length remains: Ankle-grazers? Mid-maxi? The prairie sweep?? Currently taking your suggestions in the comments ⬇️

Happy V Day! Here’s the only Valentine that matters, for u (📸: @tasteofstreep)

And so it’s farewell to another #NYFW! But, ICYMI or you’d like to relive any of the whirlwind, show highlights and outfit recipes will be saved for posterity (or at least for a while) in our highlights. Any notes on what you’d like to see next time?

Dispatch from the show via @edithwyoung where the mood was jovial and the dresses were slo-mo worthy (not to mention scintillating). P.S. feel free to give a 👋 to @leandramcohen’s bunhead.

Behold: a @rosie_assoulin dress destined to break the internet today

Hi it’s @harlingross and I’m taking over Man Repeller’s Instagram today for fashion week! First stop: the @susan_alexandra presentation where bags and lox > bagels and lox but you don’t even have to choose.

This NYFW, @leandramcohen has noticed a dichotomy between collections catering to the pursuit of looking more grown up, and those that are more concerned with chasing youth. But what about the grey area, which effortlessly dances between the intentionality of adulthood and the frivolity of youth? That's where the magic occurs. Read the full piece — link in bio.

The good news is, according to Man Repeller’s February horoscopes (link in bio), Aquarians can anticipate a birthday month dripping in social opportunities/glitter, AND, according to the above, they happen to be the human equivalent of a joyful and reliable caprese salad. Hbu? (🎨: @coupdegracefarris)