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Man Repeller  A humorous website for serious fashion -- a microphone for women, if you will. Inventor of the #armparty. Founded by Leandra Medine.

Big yes to motorcycle jackets and tutus at Cannes.

Today marks the birth of Man Repeller's first-ever Spring Trend Extravaganza. Like all good extravaganzas it is very extravagant and features 10 outfits ripe for plucking. Link in bio. (📸 @edithwyoung)

To the 20-year-old blogger behind @double3xposure, "pants and a tee" are not just pants and a tee. Click the link in bio for a week of her outfits.

@amilli0naire interviewed @stacylondonreal and gave her a "Man Repeller makeover," which in this case meant peeling away the television version of her to show a completely different side. Link in bio. (📸 @toryrust)

Whether your forehead be dry or oily it always looks great when served on a doily (or on a dress that moonlights as one, at least)

Lemonade stand provisions #FromTheMRSharedFolder (via @mashamel)

Litmus test for a great outfit: when you're standing perfectly still but your clothes are still going 100 mph. (📸 @savannarr)

Have you ever considered that the extent to which watermelon has cemented itself as a sartorial staple might just make it the new neutral?

Here's a quick scroll through Man Repeller's brand-spanking-NEW site, quietly launched this morning. Click the link in bio to see more and sniff out all the cOoL new features of course. (Designed by @hardcandyshell)

!OR! you can make like Kate and Naomi. Popped heels and portable cooling strategy.

Today marks the first #CoolPantsFriday of profuse perspiration season so here is an outfit starring bicycle shorts for your consideration

Human fire hydrant squat. (📸 @tilfrances)

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