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What moves you? Man Repeller recently spoke with @erica_lall and @isabellaboylston from the American Ballet Theater about the many ways in which “movement” features prominently in their lives. And if you enjoy grands jetés and pirouettes in diaphanous designer clothing from @dior’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, this editorial is the one for you — link in bio #MRPartner #DiorSS19 (📸: @toryrust)

Behind-the-scenes on set today featuring @edithwyoung and two silky scoops of sorbet

Today is a great day to throw your head back and belly laugh until you cry with a friend, while also maybe trying one of the 6 other ways to feel good that don’t require exercise or green juice, identified by @harlingross via link in bio. What’s your fave of life’s little pleasures? Mine is POPPING BUBBLE WRAP (📸: @daphnenguyen__, styled by @monicacamorales)

"Africa is not a monolith and neither is its fashion. Anything that is borne of Africa’s bounty is as much a function of disparate national identities as it is one continental cohesion." In her recent travels to Ghana, @natashanyanin explored why “African” fashion is so impossible to define, (while also creating visuals/ensembles that will inspire audible ooh-ing and ahh-ing), link in bio (📸: @colbyblount)

Spring sprang/is springing/just spronged!!! (📸 via @vivetta)

WWDDLD (What would Daniel Day-Lewis Do) is a style mantra that @halemur has come to live by: raw denim, sturdy boots, starchy layers that wear you, as opposed to the other way around. Her full ode to this style is awaiting your attn, link in bio. Swipe for the side-by-side. Are you in? (📸: @lulu.graham)

Do positive affirmations actually work for you or do they make you feel worse? MR contributing writer Rachel Siemens dives in to the Q, 🔗 in bio (📸: @madtoya)

Good afternoon from the host of this caption, @halemur! Here to tell you about my 2019 highlight: profiling @aidybryant, live today on Man Repeller. Head to the link in bio to give it a read. We discuss the murky root of confidence, Bieber-related work jitters, and her new show ‘Shrill,’ which I endorse you binging tonight if you don’t have plans. And if you’ve already seen it, please reply with an emoji that expresses how it made you feel. Here’s mine: 🌞 (📸: @edithwyoung)

Hoooooope you’re starting your week right with some long-maligned yet nutrient-rich complex carb lumps because word on the street is they’re the next trend in wellness. @harlingross investigates the white potato movement, spuds in bio. Are you in?? (📸: @heidisbridge)

Saunter, mosey, amble, lallygag... Whatever word you may have for it, MR contributing writer Mehreen Kasana believes there is radical beauty in taking the time to just walk — link in bio.

Optimal pinch prevention outfit courtesy of @drewbarrymore 🍀#FromtheMRsharedfolder

May Jen (who may have inspired The Row before The Row was The Row? @leandramcohen’s theory, link in bio) serve as a good omen this eve

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