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Manor Jewels  Gemstone and jewelry obsessive with a serious lean to all things vintage and antique.


Fall colors! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be FINALLY enjoying some cooler weather and a flickering fire in our front room every night (it's possible that during the odd summer night I may have run the AC at 65 with the afore mentioned flickering fire.....) - and with cooler temps and flickering fires come the colors of fall. Burnt oranges, chocolate browns, burnished yellows. Is there any better season than autumn? I think not. This is the time to break out the rose gold, the smokey quartz, the warm caramel agates, the hot chocolate, the red wine, the citrines and tigers eye. Bring me warmth, bring me cosy, bring me fall colors - everywhere. #manorjewels #available #etsyseller #ringsofinstagram #showmeyourrings #citrine #halo #tigerseye #smokey #navette #agate

Okay my darlings, I need to have this conversation. So some of you will know that I stopped offering layaway for a while after multiple problems with none payment. I have started to offer layaway once more on items over $500 (if an item has been in stock a long time, I will sometimes arrange a layaway on an item of lower value if asked). Thank you to everyone who is on top of their payments - some of you are even quicker than I am to send out a payment request! I love that! ❤️ Couple of gentle reminders with layaways that I think most sellers here can relate to: Layaways are special terms and they can be harmful to small sellers if payments aren't made on time. Essentially we are holding stock that has the potential to sell outright and we're doing it as a courtesy but it does impact cash flow for small businesses. Please bear this in mind and do not enter a layaway if it's going to be troublesome for you because you really can hurt the business that has offered it to you in good faith. Secondly, if you have had problems paying a layaway in the past, I am unlikely to extend layaway terms to you again. This is not me being mean. I am protecting my business that I have worked really hard to build. Thirdly, from this point on, I won't offer layaway on any item that hasn't been in stock for a full 7 days. I am finding that I have been setting up layaways and then getting messages from people wanting to purchase outright. An outright purchase allows me to pay for my stock and bring more to the table immediately for you. It works for all of us so while I am happy to offer layaway, I will be allowing a 7 day period for everyone to catch up with what comes into the shop. Hope you all understand and thank you!!!
Oh and lastly, if you call me names, threaten me, are aggressive in asking for deals, or ask me to break customs and/or trading laws (and no I don't care which other sellers do it all the time for you), I reserve the right not to do business with you at all. Yes it's happened. It's unnecessary and nobody needs to put up with it. Peace out.
#manorjewels #clearingtheair #layawaypolicy #canwealljustgetalong

Man I have no end of messages about the lapis ring from yesterday! So sorry but she flew! I do have this gorgeous lapis ring in the store though - lovely oval cabochon set into a bow style setting. Good weight and very pretty on the hand. Size 6.5 and just $349! #manorjewels #lapis #bow #vintagering #loveit #lovevintage #blue #dabomb

SOLD** It's been a busy day at The Manor and I am going to be keeping USPS on their toes tomorrow! #manorjewels #garnet #smokey #22k #goldstone #vintagejewelry #sold #unavailable #snappedup

LISTED!! Gorgeous, gorgeous old mine cut diamond crescent brooch. These are so hard to find! Approx 1ctw of old mine cut chunky goodness - drop dead gorgeous!! Listed on Etsy for $1995 but I am not sure she will last the evening! #manorjewels #oldminecut #diamond #omc #crescent #diamonds #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend

SOLD** 14k lapis ring with beautiful shoulder and prong details. Very pretty and easy to wear. Just lovely! Size 6.25, and listed on Etsy for $379! #manorjewels #lapis #blue #vintagering #ringsofinstagram #showmeyourrings #blueismyfavouritecolour #newtothemanor

LISTED!! Incredible huge onyx brooch in 15k yellow gold with seed pearls. Just gorgeous! Attached safety chain. Locket compartment to the back that is missing the glass - price reflects this. Very good conditon otherwise. Large piece measuring approx 45mm x 35mm. Listed on Etsy for $599! #manorjewels #onyx #pearl #onyxqueen #antique #bringbackthebrooch #brooch #jotd #instagold

LISTED!! This piece is in such great shape for its age! Victorian onyx crescent brooch with clover and seed pearl details. Measures approx 28mm x 23.5mm. Just lovely! Listed on Etsy for just $199!! #manorjewels #crescent #black #onyx #onyxqueen #victorian #bringbackthebrooch #luckyclover #antiquejewelry

She's coming later tonight! Approx 1ctw of glorious old mine cut diamonds! Stay tuned!!! It seems fitting to be listing her just as I hit the 20k milestone! #manorjewels #oldminecuts #diamonds #crescent #hardtofind #beingbackthebrooch #conversionproject

Thank you all so much for your love and support here on IG!! It has been quite an adventure thanks to all of you!! #manorjewels #20k #mindblown #thankyou #ilovemyjob #ilovemycustomers #happylady #honored

This ring makes my heart flutter every time I open the safe. It sits right at The front of the main ring tray and my eye falls on it every time. Talk about intricate. Simply incredible detail and a huge cleftless heart amethyst to the center. Takes my breath away every time! Could you pull this piece off? I reckon I would sleep in it if it were my size!! #manorjewels #notyouraveragejewelry #incrediblejewelry #purple #amethyst #intricate #itsallinthedetails #februarybabies #purplepassion #engraving

If you haven't been paying attention this week, you have some serious catch up to do! This is just a handful of the pieces that have been added to the shop and I still have 4 more pieces to list!! It's been mad at The Manor for sure! Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to check my feed here and my Etsy store for everything that came in and what remains in stock too! #manorjewels #listingmadness #newtothemanor #fabulousfinds #garnet #smokeyquartz #emerald #diamond #opal #sapphire #vintagejewelry #jewelryjunkie #sparklyaddict #moonstone

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