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Lindsay  Irish. Fell from Prada to Pampers circa 2009. Scribbler for The Irish Examiner. Budget Bradshaw.

My platter brings all the boys to the yard...
And if they do come to this yard, they better know their way around the kitchen; because I ain't spending my days serving no men. Nah ah honey!

Someday soon, Zara will have a 'eureka' moment & start designing items which have buttons to accommodate DD knockers. But until then my mammaries will continue to fight the good fight whilst straining against said buttons.

"DINNER!!!! Now no messing about because we've allowed you stay up fieeeerce late already!".
"But, it's still bright...".
"It's not, it's an illusion!".
*whispers* "Woody, change the clocks & open the Cabernet, its Dr. Foster night!".

I declare cardigan season 'OPEN'!

New rug, who dis?
Also, to the woman I met in M&S; apologies, I'm a hand grasper, I can't stop it. At least I didn't offer to take her shopping to the car!

Everybody go: Hotel, motel, holiday inn....πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

"Three days ago he told me I smelt of flowers. Today, he drew a picture of me & made me look stupid in it. Then he laughed at me. So, I told him he was an idiot & not to smell me again. Ever".

Plumber says: "You need a new boiler".
I say: "Linguine".

To everyone who messaged yesterday re the scribbling; thank you so very much. You're a grand aul bunch! Met Eireann was a bit put out that I didn't write about "...'Poldark' or even 'Victoria'...that would have been lovely because I don't watch those Super-person shows!' & a lady on Facebook who felt the need to question my mental health status with, "Paranoid much?!", but pish posh etc! Onwards!

Woody: "So, what do you want or what did you do...?".

Because it's still one of my favourites. #woodyisms

"Go change!".
"Because it's sunny outside!".
"And because you look like you're off to meet Jack Kerouac down the local along with your bad attitude to skull some cocktails & smoke illicit gauloises. It's not a good look for a 6yr old".
*cue eye roll*

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