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Lindsay  Irish. Fell from Prada to Pampers circa 2009. Scribbler for The Irish Examiner. Budget Bradshaw.

I swear I can hear Woody's eye roll all the way from work πŸ™„. Cheese as smooth as butter, sardines & plums; all spoils from the market. I savoured every mouthful as I drowned out the noise of my children beating the heads off one another in the garden. The only thing missing was a crisp glass of Reisling. #idontmoveuntiltheresblood #lordoftheflieschezWoods

Met Eireann has rang twice today to ascertain as to wether I had frequented lately, any areas with deer. Because from information that she obtained; apparently there is some new type of bug hitchhiking along on said doe eyed creatures that can cause "neurological damage" if not treated in humans if the nasty bugger decides to take a chunk out of you (this is obviously taken with a large pinch of salt by me due to such loose factual evidence of same!). After her overly pitchy rant on same she hung up only after I had told her that, "Nope. Haven't been hanging around with Bambi down the docks lately". The second phonecall, a mere minute after the first, was to tell me to adjust my tone & she was only advising me of this nomadic winged hitchhiker due to the fact that, "You're prone to that now". Well, I'm also prone to liberating the entire contents of a bottle of wine resulting in a significant head the next day & it still doesn't stop me. Must dash & give Bambi an aul whatsapp & see if he's free this's been an absolute age since we saw each other & he's an absolute hoot after a few Cinzanos!

When yesterday you found the most incredible outfit in Zara. But the only size left in the top was an XS. And the fabric is organza i.e. zero stretch. But from the cut you figure you can def get into it & will duly just imbibe oxygen for the month just to make sure. And you try it on at home & sure enough, you get into it. But you forgot about one thing. Or rather 'two' things. Your DD mammaries. Which looked like they had been smushed up against a glass window to frighten passersby. So it makes total sense that I need this. But I have a new mug & isn't it glorious (albeit entirely the wrong vessel for coffee). T-minus 2hrs until Woody is home & I trot off for a day of veeeerdy busy business meetings, photo shoots & brand collab discussions. Snort; I'll be at my usual table in da bucks, scribbling; so hit me up if you want some bants...I love slacking off πŸ‘πŸ». Edit: back on the fizz tonight so naturally I'm going to accompany that with a delectable, palate tingling takeaway & a suitable festive choice from Movies 24. Expect inappropriate stories & Woody going to bed at 9pm as a result.

No. My breakfast is better than yours.

I know.

I took this just after Euan lost his front tooth in the area of park which is the recreation of 'Early Christian Ireland'. Where he coughed it out after getting it stuck in a huge chunk of apple and we heard it ping off the reconstruction of an early stone cross. Because it was such a hot day he then proceeded to spurt blood from his mouth. A lot. The dad of a family passing us muttered 'Jesus' & not in the religious sense as it looked like Euan was literally possessed by demons. Few hours later, and I had an anaphylaxis reaction to a bite behind my ear whilst in the cargo hold of a famine boat. But for a brief moment...this. Wexford, you were a trip. Literally...because I don't remember much of the afternoon with the blacking out etc πŸ‘πŸ»

I strive in hope that one day I can be this extra.

She came across an image of Natalie Portman in 'Leon'. Today she begged & pleaded for a choker. She's now requested various images of women wearing similar neck pieces. I just showed her Anne Boleyn & I swear I saw her tiny mind actually implode.

Today is the day my little nest of vipers turns 39. He is sharing his birthday with his limelight hogging Spine, who turns 1 in a few days. Naturally and because he doesn't like fuss, I've kept it all very understated. Naturally. Happy Birthday to Woody & his Backbone!

Sucker for packaging. Sucker for these lads on toast. Which always reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Whilst Woody bonds with that hussy Zanussi; I'll be over here in the corner eating my feelings. #sistersbeforemisters #shedidntgetthememo

'Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours'. The reality. I got the lie-in this morn. I then woke in a panic to hiss at the kids to come downstairs to write the cards. Tried to redeem myself by making breakfast. No eggs. Whatsapped my neighbour who handed some in. Woody said, 'Don't bother; I've already had breakfast'. He then spent the best part of the day with a group of 6yr old girls at the cinema. I just bought him a case of beer. Happy Fathers Day.

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