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Every once in a while I stumble across a photo that makes my arms look big and I need to share it 🤣

Photo by @studiojenkins
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Meal #5 today (flank steak and honeydew)...think this is the first time in months I’ve gotten this much food in. Also wrote myself a new program and this morning was the first time in years I’ve followed a workout program...excited to see how I respond to some regimen

@ryanrogerson needed to remind myself I’m not Superman 😅

Tried to do 135x135 for burpee clean and press day after the 225x225...and because that sounded too easy I had to add in 15 pull-ups after every 15 reps I did...this was my time just to get to 90 Sunday we’ll try just the burpees and see if I can do 135 reps in under 25 minutes
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@ryanrogerson #225x225 ...8 sets in it turned into sets of 10 instead of 15...and longer rest’s the time, I didn’t win did I?

@ryanrogerson let me play with his chrome plates today...I’m pretty sure fancy weights are the key to his good looks 🤔


This Saturday morning’s warmup was the following circuit:

Hang clean x4
Push press x4
Lunge x5/leg
Front squat x5

I know it’s shown as 3 separate videos but I swear it was quick transitions from exercise to exercise
@myers_angel almost finished today’s warmup, but his driver had an appointment to get the car detailed so he needed to leave early

#gotgrit #onedayillbeasstrongasithinkiam

My favorite movement from last years Got Grit Charity Challenge 😁

Thinking this year we should do it at 225 instead of 135 so @cobymuse will feel challenged 🤔

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As strength and stamina are mostly back, I’m back to fun weekend workouts! I love doing heavy circuits a couple days a week, and notice the awesome Incredible Hulk shaker cup in the background which is full of my new favorite amino (mint lemonade flavor bcaa/eaa blend by @upsupps)...pretty sure the combo makes me unstoppable 😁

#gotgrit #gritnutrition

Started workout this morning with the intentions do 20x1 @ 345lbs at 20 second intervals (goal was 20 sets in under 10 minutes)...but think a made a bigger jump than I realized and by rep 10 it was moving pretty slow so decided I’d make it 10x1 rest a couple minutes and do an amrap with 225... video is telling me I only got 27 reps but I swear it was more haha.

Despite a humbling start, it was actually a great workout this morning. I have a long way to go, but goal is 365 for 20x1 in under 10 minutes...while simultaneously trying to improve my cardio and train new movements 😅

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Trying to stop being lazy and get some of my prep work done in the evenings so I am not so rushed in the mornings. I’ve been doing a lot more melon for my fruits lately...which has lead to me eating a lot more fruit 😅...but honestly probably a little less carbs...which I’ve then been overcompensating for on the weekends 😂

My average week (mon-fri) has been consisting of about 4 melons (including pineapple) and 10 bagels as the bulk of my carbohydrates. Outside of that just a little from bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots and leafy to get the weekends back on track 🤔

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Was supposed to work out at @ryanrogerson home gym and play with his new dumbbells this morning, but we had to reschedule so I decided I’d try 155 on 1-arm bb bench...and it was a wake up call. Not only that my strength isn’t back yet, but also that I really need to start spending more time on recovery work as my right trap is getting tight to the point of impeding my workouts/strength.

Time to start waking up 30 min earlier and start working some of these kinks out! 💪

#gotgrit #gritnutrition

We’re back at it with our Got Grit? challenges! Thanks to those who came out and participated and @signaturefitnessclub for having us out!

To participate in the online competition post a video of you working hard and tag @gritnutrition and use the hashtag #gotgrit
At the end of the month, 1 winner will be picked at random. Good luck!


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