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So long story short I decided to put down over 10k calories yesterday and wanted to take comparison pictures from morning (top row) to night (middle row) and then the following morning (bottom row) to see how it would impact everything. I didn't do it with any sort of nutritional guidelines, just a matter of putting down calories. Kind of interesting to see the added fullness from morning to night, but more so from night to morning. The initial slightly increased fullness and greatly distended stomach was anticipated as well as maybe a small loss in visible definition...but a pretty notable decrease in definition by this morning even in my midsection after the distention had mostly dissipated kind of surprised me. What didn't surprise me was the horrible sleep I got trying to digest all that food πŸ˜…

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Forgot I never posted this clip. Did a short cardio barbell day Sunday because I was short on time.

50x hang snatch
50x hang snatch
50x push press
50x front squat

Weight was light (95 lbs) really just trying to keep a quick pace. Did a short run (1/2 mile) for warmup and cooldown...20 minutes and I was drenched!

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@nonotjakefromstatefarm may always be boosting Bieber, but gotta give a shoutout to the old Mickey Mouse club for #tbt


Had the time to properly train biceps at the end of my workout for the first time in over a month...forgot how fun it is to get an arm pump and found myself feeling like @kj_theproteinpapi πŸ˜‚

#thepumpisalreadygone #attitudeiseverything

Excited to have a little something at home so I can incorporate some barbell work into my Sunday cardio. Finished up with some form work. Definitely have a lot of work to do, but it actually looked a little better than it felt which is encouraging.

Cardio was a short one, 2 rounds of:
~400m run
30 pullups
~400m run
10 power cleans
10 hang clean and press

Hanging around 205 as I work on my stamina...tried putting "structure" at 20 but I still don't look like @kevinjamesbogdan ...I'm always reading his posts for tips on how to look shredded but I think he's just a lot leaner than me πŸ˜…


@jpobrien89 thought I'd do a little product placement for you...although I'm pretty sure I'm still stronger when I'm drinking out of my Hulk shaker.

Have a little cold and everything felt slow today but decided to struggle through a couple heavy sets anyway.

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No joke, think I just sweat more playing at the park with my nephew than I did doing my morning cardio πŸ˜…

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Fun workout today! This was set 4 of my 3rd circuit. Full workout was as follows:

4 sets of:
RDL x12
Hang Clean x9
Push Press x6
(185lbs for each)

3 sets of:
Deficit Deadlifts x3 (455)
DB Snatch x6/arm (100)

4 sets of:
Push Press x4
BB Lunge x6
Squat x8
(185 to start, worked up to 245)

Lateral Raise 3x10 (40)
DB Skullcrusher 3x10 (40)

Finished up by burning out triceps for 100 total reps of a various movements

#sunsoutgunsout #gritnutrition #gotgrit

Progression from before, during and finishing preworkout πŸ˜‚

@jpobrien89 dropped off a little something for me to try out yesterday and I must say I was impressed. Excited for his big reveal. Went from thinking I may just spend my morning foam rolling and stretching to instead doing the following workout:

Triset- 3x10 of each *Behind head lat pulldown (150)
*Wide Lat Pulldown (150)
*Straight arm pulldown (60)

Superset - 3x8 of each
Single arm pulldown (120)
Chest to Bar Pull-up

Power Rows 3x6 (405)

Bench 3x3 (375)

Superset - 3x10 of each
HS Incline (4 plates)
Superset - 3xFailure each
HS High Row (2 plates, slow eccentric)
Push-up (slow eccentric)

Barbell Curls 100 reps at 135 (goal is 10 min or less, finished at 9:47)


Body comp decent. Strength decent...now time to focus on getting my stamina and mobility back to where I'd like

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Best I ever looked was probably the least regimented I ever was. Don't get me wrong, I are very well, there was just little to no weighing/measuring involved. I guesstimated my macros and focused more on having fun with my training (which typically involved a lot of heavy lifting, but I would mix it up with circuits and cross training when I felt the urge). Eat (good food of course) because you're hungry and train because it's fun 😁


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