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Best I ever looked was probably the least regimented I ever was. Don't get me wrong, I are very well, there was just little to no weighing/measuring involved. I guesstimated my macros and focused more on having fun with my training (which typically involved a lot of heavy lifting, but I would mix it up with circuits and cross training when I felt the urge). Eat (good food of course) because you're hungry and train because it's fun 😁


3rd consecutive day of not eating cookies...this may be a record for me in 2017 😅...that being said I still cook all my own meals, I've just been adding in too many cookies


Charity event for @littlefriendsinc is July 30th! Still looking for some competitors so contact me if you're interested!
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Come out to Rotary Hill in Naperville on July 30th to support our charity event for Little Friends! Also, anyone who may be interested in being a competitor for the event please contact me for more info.

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Haven't done these in a minute but felt inspired by @dividedlabsconnor when I saw his post the other day.

Only 135 and only hit 4 reps per side on my last set (shown) but been trying to be more conscious of stopping when I feel compensations starting instead of pushing to total failure as I've noticed some imbalances getting exacerbated by my lack of stretching/mobility work since opening @gritnutrition

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The sky has been epic lately... #surroundedbybeauty

Couldn't quite fit it all, but decided to finish leg portion of workout this morning with a squat and deadlift superset. Goal was 3x8 each but I'm not too proud to admit I was missing that by a large margin for both my 2nd and 3rd sets lol...probably need to start including some more heavy circuits and super sets to improve my recovery. Don't mind the sketchy form starting off on the deadlifts, hips still a little fried from Sunday.

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Happy Memorial Day! Did my version of a "Murph" yesterday...dont have a plate carrier so I did 1.2 miles for front and back end of run then 150 pull-ups, 300 push-ups and 450 squats (50% increase to compensate for not carrying additional 20 lbs) aim was to keep it under an hour, ended at 65:52...and that's not sunburn, just red from being a little overheated cuz I don't do much cardio these days 😅

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Part of tri-set from today's workout. Bench, row, plyo pull-up (not shown) done as circuit with only rest being transitioning from one exercise to the next. Share some of your hard work with @gritnutrition using hashtag #gotgrit for a chance to win a gift card to my store!


This Saturday, come check us out!

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Mother's Day is around the corner! Share a picture of your mom and tag @gritnutrition or post it to our Facebook wall for a chance to win a $25 gift card to our store for your mom! 2 winners will be announced Monday morning!

So @ryanrogerson was telling me he was having a debate recently about whether or not you can get sunburnt when it isn't hot's your proof, Ryan, go win your argument 🤣


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