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Benedict Randolph  Pilot of planes, and wheelchairs. Flying through this life. Entrepreneurial. Living through my hobbies || AKA BennyNova

I'm all set for my next trip! πŸš€πŸŒ•πŸ˜‚ Would be cool if we got issued something like this in our lifetimes. This is from some kind of souvenir-type gimmick for space nerds in the 60's, who founded the nation of 'Celestia' (located on the Moon) and even went as far as getting it chartered by the U.N.! It came complete with a nice little letter from @nasa, signed by John Glenn. My buddy John (Howard, not Glenn lol) gave these to me a while back knowing how much I love space exploration. Fun to think about on this day! @elonmusk get that moon-base rollin' and let's take a ride! I have all the proper documents ;) #moon #passport #apollo11 #moonlanding #anniversary #nasa #space #exploration #nationofcelestia

One Giant Leap For Mankind - Today marks the 48th anniversary of the first moon landing! It was a cool experience spending several weeks at Purdue and learning its deep legacy in aviation & aeronautical engineering. Those who walked these grounds before us were touched with some kind of greatness & went on to do unimaginable things. In 1947, Neil Armstrong enrolled at Purdue University on a Navy scholarship to pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering. In 1949 the Navy called him to active duty in the Korean War. As a Navy pilot, he flew 78 combat missions and received three medals for his military service. In 1952 he returned to his studies and completed his BS at Purdue. As a research pilot at NASA's Flight Research Center, he was a project pilot on many pioneering high-speed aircraft, including the well known, 4000-mph X-15. He flew over 200 different models of aircraft, including jets, rockets, helicopters and gliders, and clearly had ice charging through his veins πŸ˜‚ Armstrong transferred to astronaut status in 1962 and was assigned as command pilot for the Gemini 8 mission (integral to the success of later missions) before Apollo 11. Armstrong retired from NASA in 1971 after the Apollo 11 flight, having been the first human to set foot on a planetary body other than our own (I think they call that 'going out on top'). The first Moon landing was a huge moment in history, not just because space travel is awesome, but because it encapsulated the indomitable nature of humanity. His footprint on the lunar surface may endure for millennia! He's been described as "..a man whose boundless ideas, optimism and dedication propelled him to feats that captivated the world." Its these types of stories of human endeavor that keep us striving for more, and truly reaching for the stars. It's also humbling to think what the combination of his many small steps towards huge goals amounted to; truly a leap for mankind. Honored to have used the airfield where he got his wings, and equally inspired to reach for more πŸš€ #apollo11 #moonlanding #tribute #space #exploration #inspiration #history #legends

Sold art to my first customer today! Carving linocuts, making prints, and watercoloring each one is something I do for pure enjoyment; it's easy to forget about time completely and get lost in the experience. Extra rewarding to know someone likes them enough to pay for them πŸ™πŸ» Thanks Beth, you rock! Much love to @obsoletepress + Jim who help keep me working πŸ’ͺ🏻 #art #life #printmaking #linocut #watercolor #sales

Passed my check-ride this morning! I'm officially a pilot πŸ›© Huge thanks to Able Flight, our fantastic instructors (@pilot.beam u the man!) and my fellow classmates in this flight summer camp thing we did. What an experience! As rewarding as it is difficult πŸ’ͺ🏻 Feeling proud πŸ™πŸ» Will surely post a sappy narrative or two now that time allows, but just wanted to share the news 😊 Up, up, and away! πŸ‘†πŸ» #sport #pilot #graduate #ableflight #purdue #aviation #goingup #onatuesday #video

I think it was the summer after 7th grade that my dad road tripped with me to Philadelphia, where I would be considered for an early study in spinal cord injury treatments at Shriner's Hospital there. He was always on the hunt for some way to make me better; it was understandably heart breaking for him to see me get injured. Interestingly their solutions (implanting electrodes at the injury site) were not far off from the most promising treatments that the @reevefoundation came up with recently! I ended up not being eligible bc the stim machine made me have too bad a reaction. Fortunately I didn't let my situation get me down most of the time. I think I was excited about the road trip and getting to travel somewhere more than anything πŸ˜„ It was easy to be fond of the other kids I met there who were going through what I was, and had a similarly upbeat attitude. Made some great friends in the 2 weeks and had lots of laughs. Would probably still rock that @whitesox shirt if I had it lol (fave team as a kid). Being a big baseball player growing up and having gotten a call from @bojackson in my hospital room (my favorite player) was a cool experience. People would always rally for me so I could be apart of something cool (and still do) and it helps a lot (thank you). Crazy to think of the places I've gone and independence I've been fortunate enough to gain since being a young kid with no idea what was ahead of me. Blessed with life πŸ™πŸ» #tbt #polaroid

Wishing a big happy bday to one of my best pals in all the world + day 1 squad Elliot Oveson aka @djwushu aka DJ Blue Shoez πŸ™πŸ» Here you are early days performing in 2003 at Jungle Room (now Dunkirk upstairs) after convincing the owner it'd be a good idea to put a booth in the corner and get a live DJ scene going in Bloomington (for the first time). Since then you've played for thousands of people at venues large & small, incl but not limited to headlining at @redrocksamphitheater & getting to work with some of your personally favorite artists. You're love for great music is the truest, and you always seem to introduce me (and others) to the best new tracks months before anyone else does. More than anything, I just like hanging out with you. I don't remember a time when our visits haven't been filled w at least 50% laughter and just general silliness (your neck tattoos and stone cold gazes aren't fooling me πŸ˜‚). Look forward to hanging again soon. Keep crushing life πŸ’ͺ🏻 #djwushu #birthday #tribute #photo #35mm #film #2003 #frandsss #day1 #squad

Wishing a big happy birthday to the man, @RZA! If being the de facto Wu Squad Leader weren't badass enough, you also create some of my favorite work across #music, #film, #art, & #philosophy, in addition to just being a rad human being. It was a childhood dream come true to hang with you at @sxsw this year and document some great moments. The tops for me was ending up in the back dressing room at the end of the night, having overheard a cypher happening from around the corner (that you were all doing just bc you're freaking Wu Tang, no filming) and peeked in to take a look. Soon enough it was me, you, @ins_tagrams, and another friend. I sat like a fly on a wall in amazement, and we got some nice shots of the experience. Thanks for putting on some tight poses for me, and for making me feel so included. I think he appreciated our mutual love for fingerless gloves lol As we departed in the elevator that night I remember thinking "wtf is my life?!!" as I noticed it was me & my wheelchair planted in the middle, surrounded by 6 Wu Tang members, and maybe one or two other people. There aren't many examples of squads that run so deep after this many years together. Always on the lookout for what you create next πŸ™πŸ» Have a great bday! Hope to hang again soon #rza #birthday #tribute #wutang #WuWednesday #36chambers #sxsw #photo #superfan #squad

Flying is my Freedom! Find yours wherever & whenever you can. Celebrate it the best you know how. Happy 4th everyone! #letfreedomring #flying #solo #selfie #happy4th #merica

"Danville traffic, 458 Sierra-Alpha departing the area to the southwest, final call, Danville traffic." Got to do my first solo cross-country yesterday evening! Which just means flying to a couple of airports by myself (at least 25 miles away, landing, & returning) finding your way using only sectional charts, good pilotage, and dead reckoning. Weather was beautiful and boosted my confidence and independence with flying exponentially. Got batted around by the wind a little, but just kept hearing the voice of @pilot.beam in the back of my head: "YOU fly this airplane, don't let the airplane fly you." Making a quick stop at some local, small airstrips is really fun :) Going up again here shortly πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ›© #center #line #master #skyarrow #takeoff #crosscountry #flying #aviation #video #gopro

Love those early morning flights #ableflight #purdue #aviation #skyarrow #flying #vsco #photo

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