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Manny Raya  Though life is complicated, it's only what you make it to be.

This is the perfect place, at the perfect time. Thank you! #grateful #thankyou #brother #santabarbara #california in #australia

A lecture on manhood.
Growing up and being raised by a single mom, I’ve had a number different perspectives on the notion of manhood. As you can see in this video, aggression is how I viewed masculinity at a young age. But, that led me to the following questions. Is a man supposed to be strong? Is a man supposed to be empathetic? Do feminine attributes reduce ones masculinity?What is a man? How does one learn how to be a man? How does one grow to be a man? These are questions that are very important not only to men, but to women who are equally affected by the identity of men. Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing a number of different men and women on their perception of manhood, and will then take these interviews and feature them in an upcoming lecture. This will be the beginning of a docu-series I’ve titled: The things they should have taught us in school that went completely ignored. Stay tuned to my social media accounts as I will be filming my upcoming lecture and share for all to enjoy. Thank you! #santabarbara #philosophy #socialjustice #manhood #man #men #woke #california #socialsciences #academia

Don’t be intimidated to get in the gym. We all have our day 1. Just know that from the moment you decide to sign up, I got you. I’ll teach you how to wrap your hands and lead you through everything from there. So join me this Saturday at 10am and let’s get it! #santabarbara #california #boxing #fitness #motivation #hardwork #dedication girl kicking butt is @taradiiorio #girlsthatbox #boxers #boxersofinstagram

It’s official, you can now catch me at evolution fitness Wednesday’s at 8am and Saturday’s at 10am. Whether you’ve never thrown a punch, are looking to get in some good work, or want to try something new, this class is for you! That kinda rhymes huh, yeaaaaah buddy, let’s get it! See you there!!! #santabarbara #california #fitness #boxing #hardwork #letsgo #workout

Super stoked on today’s turnout. Watch the participants in this video. Mike is in the back right, exhausted after throwing his combo. The ladies directly behind me are laughing and loving the challenge. In the back left you see Kiley throwing rapid fire punches; and when they get in the picture you see Lisa and Morgan going full throttle. I thoroughly enjoyed today. Thank you to everyone that was a part of it. #santabarbara #california #boxing #workout #fitness

I’ve been having the hardest time since my grandmas passing. It’s things like this that let me know that things are going to be ok. Love people, love people until you have no more to give, and then give some more. #santabarbara #california #onelove #love

Are you interested in improving your total body strength, hand eye coordination, and overall body composition?
Are you looking to decrease your stress levels? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us this Wednesday and we enter the world of boxing! Starting this Wednesday at 9:00a.m. Evolution Fitness will offer a beginners journey into the sport of boxing. Whether you’ve trained before, or have never thrown a punch, this course will introduce you to proper techniques and give you a cardiovascular workout that is one of a kind. In this course you’ll workout with fellow gym members, as well as a one-on-one instruction, to assure that members of all levels thrive and get a great gym experience. So join us this Wednesday and learn a skill that is going to give you the workout that is going to improve your shape and health. See you Wednesday! -Manny Raya #boxing #training #fitness #santabarbara #california

About last night #santabarbara #california #sunset

Yesterday was a sad day for my family and I, as we laid my grandmother down in her final resting place. Given that her passing was more than a week ago, I've had some time to reflect on our final conversations, as well as her life in its totality, and have thus gained some perspective as to why this has hurt me so much. My Grandmother was the cornerstone of my family. Her migration from Mexico to Santa Barbara is the reason my family and I have been born and raised in Santa Barbara. Her acceptance of every single one of us, through our lowest points and highest moments has formed the glue that binds us together. My family is a tight knit group. We stick together and accept one another for who we truly are, and my grandmother created that culture for us. She shaped us, she molded us; she single handedly created a culture of love, respect, and empathy that my family is built on. In losing my grandmother we didn't just lose a loved one, we lost our matriarch. I know that she knew her influence upon my family because I told her exactly what I'm writing right now. When my grandmother left us, she left us in peace. I believe she left us the way she did because she knew that everything that is good in my family she helped create. I love you grandma, I love you with all my heart. I hope you know that as we all cried yesterday, we mourned as a unit. A unit that you created, and a unit that will continue to be bound together, thanks to you. #onelove

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