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I’ll man the saw. You watch for squirrels.

I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
-Carl Sandburg

I haven’t been posting much besides my critters and cheesy motivational stories. Reason being I haven’t been in the mood or done anything very adventurous in a bit. I’ve had a lot on my plate this year and hardly slept. If you don’t know me personally I work a lot, I’m building a home, and been focused on figuring a lot out about myself and my future. The adventures will continue and the show will go on in the coming days. Believe me when I say I’m here, I’m grinding, and bigger things are in the works. Sending you nerds out there some chill vibes tonight 💨

“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals” -Paul McCartney

Happy Valenswines Day.
Now go about your business.

I still remember the first day I picked you up. That week you shared a blanket with me on my best friends garage floor while I worked to finish my chopper. I was such a stupid dad then and I’m still stupid but you’ve never stopped wanting to share my blanket.

Got to hit some trails today on horseback with a great friend and it was amazing.

Glock 19 of mine. Decided to do some engraving instead of stipple on this one. Still might add some filler. Big shoutout to my homies @thegreenyeti13 for the art work and @dead_center_customs for the slide. I haven’t posted much gun shit lately because I’ve been focused on more important things in life but thought I’d throw this out there.
#sickguns #dailygundose #leadthrowernation #polymer80 #zevtech #trijiconrmr #glock19 #glockporn

Snow angel

I see and hear a lot of people fucking whine about all the new faces in the gym after the new year....so fucking what. Everyone starts at day 1 and it’s sad that a lot of people never start or quit shortly after because of the pressure and shit looks they get from regulars. It takes balls to walk into a gym knowing you’re at your worst and wanting to change it. Making fun of a overweight guy at a gym is like making fun of a homeless person at a job fair. Instead of taking the time to whine like bitch take the time to tell someone good job and ask if you can work in with them. I promise if you ever get the chance to help change someone’s life it’s the biggest gain you can make at the gym. Seeing anyone dig their heels in to become better and spit in the face of anyone who says different gets me pumped! Squatting is like life, the weight on your shoulders will drive you down, hit the bottom, say fuck you and stand back up.
#youarenotspecial #lightweightbaby

It’s 4 degrees out but I had to try my @vortexoptics viper HD spotting scope in this cold. No fog, no problems.
#vortexoptics #vortexviperhd #danieldefense #pew #sendit #geissele

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