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Nox and her alter ego. I can't wait for Halloween! #blackcat #halloweencat

Nox loves visiting at Robert's. She sits beneath the baby grand and watches the birds just outside the window while devising ways to get at them. #blackcat #babygrand #blackcatandababygrand #birdwatching

Raindrops on the asparagus. #raindrops #rainyday

Meet Nox, the new kid in the house. She appeared last week on the full moon and decided we were her family. How did she know there was a vacancy? #blackcat #goldeneyes #shadowcat #movedrightin #beautifulkitty #witchy #magicalcat

Penny Layne Valentine in a sunny window.
#bengaltabby #kitten #kittyinthewindow #kittenlove

My beautiful daughter and granddaughters celebrating Morgan's high school graduation. Another family milestone to add to our collection!

Morgan's high school graduation! Fly high, Piealina!

The last walk.

This evening we said our final goodbyes to Jane, the best cat ever. Julie and Terry rescued her from the alley 8 or 9 years ago and she decided they were her family. They found her in May and were going to name her May, but Emory decided her name was Jane, so Jane she was. She was not a cat you could contain indoors, so she would wander, but never far. A couple of years ago she was waiting on the patio for Terry to come home with a trap on her leg. We were all furious, but could never find the horrible person. The vet xrayed her and miraculously, nothing was broken. She was tough. She was a huntress extraordinaire, bringing in rabbits, squirrels, mice, moles and even a bat.
When I bought the house next door, she would come over and stay with me much of the time. Like my grandkids, she loved the special sanctuary of "Nana's house". She would go home to visit, but there were two other cats living there that she tolerated, but wasn't overly fond of.

She was quite the hostess, and whenever anyone came in, she would always come to greet them and encouraged them to pet her. Then she would talk their ear off. That was probably the Siamese coming out.... She was a talker! She would say "I love you" and she would say "Out". Other times it was just a "meow" like a regular cat. It was always easy to tell the difference. When Penny Lane Valentine was here to visit, she mostly hissed. She didn't care for Penny, either.

This evening Dr. Bond, of Plantation Animal Clinic, came here to the house and was just wonderful. We were able to say goodbye to Jane here at home in a peaceful, loving way. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bond and the staff at Plantation Animal Clinic.
Rest in peace, Dear Jane. We were blessed to have been chosen as your family.
#bestcatever #rainbowbridge

Another moment when I just had to stop the car. #fieldsofgold #bpa #bpa_rural #countryside #farm #Kentucky #lagrangeky

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