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BHIM SINGH BHULLER πŸ”Ž  Noor The world sees him as 'The actor Manish Goplani' We see him as who he is-Manish GoplaniπŸ’™ ❀editgift-17.5.16 StoriesπŸ‘€ Unveil with Manish Goplani‡

Confidence is not 'the will like me' confidence is 'i'll be fine if they don't' ..
And he owns this Confidence Without a doubt! 😎😍
#confidence #fridaythings #manishgoplani #editafterdays #Dapper #blue #manishfandom #loveyou

Well, i also got a chance to ask my question.. πŸ™‚
I am happy balke very very happy that you called my name (NOOR NOORIA) 😍 it is seriously A Moment after ages that something happened like this..β™₯β™₯
My Question was based on fun tricks Mani sir it wasn't that serious πŸ™ˆ and you are right! nobody should try that and yeah there are laws..and you don't believe in it even I don't but it was just a fun way question.. 😊 thank you so much for answering it gently ❀❀
Loved every moment of it ..😍
And lAST but not least congratulations to All of you whom he called and answered especially my little Niki😘 @nikita_khode
And I hope every one of those gets a chance to interact with him soon who missed ..πŸ™‚
Love to All ❀
Thank you @sunraina_ @vishaljainani for this lovely live chat 😍
#manishfandom #manishgoplani #livechat #schoolvscollegelife #killer #Black β™₯

Itne haste kheltay andaz me you thanked Mani sir you are very cute πŸ˜‚β€πŸ˜˜
You Looked extremely Handsome and eye catchy in Black 😍β™₯
And loveyoutoo ❀❀❀
Thank you @sunraina_ for this lovely chatπŸ™‚
#manishgoplani #manishfandom #livechat #schoolvscollegelife

Aww this is quite cute and Congratulations Mani sir you got a Certificate todayπŸ˜ƒβ™₯
School Vs College life..
Masti ki Patshala 😍
Congratulations to ALL as Well 😎
#manishgolpani #manishfandom #certificate #Schoolvscollegelife #livechat #lovedit β™₯

Describing Life in B for BIHAAN PANDEY STYLE β™₯β™₯
#manishfandom #manishgoplani #Bihaanpandey #Gangster #styleπŸ˜ŽπŸ”«

'Parindo ko Manzil Milegi humesha, Ye phaile huay unke Pankh bolte hain, Woho log Khamosh Rehtay Hain aksar Zamane me jinke HUNAR bolte Hain...'
Mani sir your shy personality reflects your talent..πŸ’–
That how much capable you are making everyone your crazy fan! πŸ’•
You style is Unique and AAPKA HUNAR BOLTA HA ❀
These are the 3best phases of him I like..
Bihaan,bhim ya Karan .. just too amazing to describe 😍
I couldn't get space to fit Aryan in.. πŸ’”
#manishfandom #manishgoplani #hunar #talentedperson #lovehim

This is A sad moment ...πŸ’”
When he tells us about his Grandma..😒
Seriously a very shocking and a sad news😒
May her Soul R.I.P πŸ™
Very sorry for your loss Mani sir and keep praying for her now..
You have gone through a lot of pain .. stay strong sir πŸ˜” @manish_goplani

And he is true to his words a totally different style , the Hair ,the expressions, the watch πŸ’• @manish_goplani
#attitude #manishgoplani #manishfandom #newstyle #positivevibes #heisback😎

The whole end part is my fav but this scene just created some magic πŸ’«
When bunty left his hand and cutely said : itna b Nahi pta 4 pheron ke bad larki agay aati ha'
It was so romantic and when Bhuller smiled with happiness and they turned back to complete thier marriage 😍❀❀
This moment had some amazing thing in it which was created by bunty and bhim 🌟
@manish_goplani @soniabalani9
#manishgoplani #soniabalani #detectivedidi #bhimsinghbhuller #buntysharma #Goodbye #Grandfinaleepisode #manishfandom

Firstly I want to say Mani sir ...the way bhim cried out of happiness it just epic πŸ˜­πŸ‘Œ
Mind-blowing scene performed by in the end.. ❀
Like they way they both we smiling and crying as well in each others arms..πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
They just made an emotional moment and lovely end as well..😍😍
I am gonna miss it badly..😒
Hope it returns soon!
@manish_goplani @soniabalani9
#manishgoplani #soniabalani #detectivedidi #bhimsinghbhuller #buntysharma #Goodbye #Grandfinaleepisode #manishfandom

Hayee A Very Happy ENDING OF DD ...😒❀
And must say well-done @manish_goplani @soniabalani9 you guys were amazing overall..
Seriously what emotions .. you brought life in it.. the last scene was super fantabulous.. and They way both were having a moment was speechless πŸ˜­πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
Loved every bit of it ❀❀
Hope to get a new season soon..😎
Tab tak ke liye him hain rahi pyaar ke phr mile gay chalte chalte πŸ’–
#manishgoplani #soniabalani #detectivedidi #bhimsinghbhuller #buntysharma #Goodbye #Grandfinaleepisode

Thank you so much for but I just want you to be happy and positive ❀❀
Stay happy sir @manish_goplani
#manishfandom #manishgoplani #likesafterages #thankful #loveyoumanisir

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