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Mani Sandoval  Family man, Musician and Partner at Sandoval Design & Marketing

Congrats to my lovely sister @purtyvicky and best friend @jcledz :) so proud of you guys and excited for you both. Welcome to the family Sarah Victoria Ledezma! -Tio Mani/Tia Rach

Thankful for America and everyone who serves to protect her. #America #4thofjuly

We grew up rooting for one team. And one team only. Brazil. Our Dad is a fan of this team as long as we can remember. He admired their calm attitude even when the score was against them. They never gave up and played offensively with such magic and grace. Traditions never changed.
I remember our family not having much money for a lot of things in those days as a kid but somehow our Dad bought tickets for my brothers and I to see Brazil play in the 90’s at the LA Coliseum. It's a day and moment I would never forget.
Apologies to our team but it's Brazil time at! #worldcup #brazil #fifa

“Find joy in the small things” -My Rach #dadlife #littlenotes

Clara’s first time meeting her cousin Oliver :) thank you Lord for watching over Rebecca and her baby! #family

And just like that... I had the scare and privilege of buying my daughter her first pair of heels 👠 for the record she chose them. Being a Dad is learning to embrace and let go of the moments at the same time. #dadlife photo by: @austingavin

Grateful to share moments like today with my own Dad. Sometimes I think he believes in me more than I believe in myself. Thankful and honored to be Clara’s Dad. My job is truly one of a kind. #dadlife #fathersday

If you could only extend moments like this just a little longer after they happen. Adore this little angel. #dadlife #myclara

Love + life = @rachsandoval

Praying that I don’t blink for a second because this angel is everything I want to see and enjoy growing up slowly. Proud to be your “Dada”! #myclara

A day filled with dancing, coloring, singing, playing in water, racing each other, bubble baths and hugs & kisses. Thankful for moments like today and grateful for my wife who champions it everyday. Massive respect. #dadlife #myclara

Thankful for these two beauties. Life is fragile, fast moving and always changing. The only constant is the love that holds us together. Above all else, grateful for God’s blessing over our lives. It’s His grace that makes our outlook different. P.S. thank you @austingavin for photo & using your gifts so kindly and generously to bless others. Proud of you man! #mifamilia

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