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Jack Paul McClinton III  CEO Active Dreamers|CEO Loaded Dock|iON

@slic Dream Room curated by @iambarondavis for @nba awards looking 🔥🔥🔥
@activedreamers product fitting right in...
Shout to @califawnia @mikefarhatart for letting me be a part of the activation!!!

We talking about fits?? I already been the king. Retro act, I’m just bringing it back like Jordan Packs...

A New Edition to New Edition🧐 📸: @themiikec

I remember it like yesterday. It was the morning of the 2009 NBA Draft. I gotta call from my college coach. “Jack the Knicks are gonna take you for the 29th pick in this year’s draft. I just talked to Jeff *****. The Knicks are looking for a combo guard that can score. If they can’t get Steph there going to get you..” 7th pick the Warriors take Steph. 8th pick Knicks take Jordan Hill. I’m like oh shhh.l. This is really happening . My dream is coming true... 🛑🛑🛑
It’s now the 15th pick in the draft. The Knicks second pick was the 29th pick. Draft. I hear the my phone ring. On call is Knicks Scout.. “Jack. What’s wrong with your wrist. They said they see an injury on the x rays. They don’t want to take a chance on you now. They drafted Gallanari last year and he missed a whole year with back spasms. They don’t want to take the chance. I’m sorry.” I reply. “They already knew this. I played the whole year with my wrist like this. They knew about the injury I had early in the year.” My heart drops. Still thinking there is a chance that they may change their mind. The 29th picks come. Me still believing this dream is real. David Stern reads “With the 29th pick. The New York Knicks choose............Tony Douglas from Florida State University.” Im looking at the tv stunned. I was 1st team all ACC he wasn’t. No knock to Tony he nice! Fast forward... Still awaiting my name being called. Pick 51 comes up.. My phone rings again. I pick up. It’s the owner of the Spurs RC Buford. “Jack Welcome to San Antonio.” I jumped up. I had sweats and no shirt on. I put on my green air max’s, and ran outside screaming “yes. Thank you. Yes”.... wait it doesn’t stop here. With the 51st pick the Spurs take Patty Mills. I’m like “what!” I just had 38 points on Patty in the NCAA tournament that year and they pick him 4 picks after me. Funny thing is, now he is a crucial part of the Spurs Franchise. Salute Patty!! It’s not about where you start. It’s about where your going... Apologize for the lengthy read. But I felt the need to share this story. ... The dream coming true is not always the thing your eyes see. It can be way bigger. Enjoy the process of fruition. Stay positive

Plan A vs Plan B.

PLAN A- Believe in your dream more than anything. Recognize that the power of positivity and belief never fails.

PLAN B- Pre-Setting the mind to think your dream can’t come true. Subconsciously switching energy to something that you don’t really want, causing both dreams to deflate.
@kuz shares his dream with @activedreamers. Which plan are you??

Huge thanks to @that_pillow_guy for making dreams come true!!! 🎥: @matthewhershfilms

Pulling up to Paris Fashion Week like 🤤

I’m actually in LA. Huge things happening with @activedreamers this week. Thank you for those that do support the brand. That last post was not pointed to you. Or you. But it was pointed to you... Whole outfit @loadeddockrs 🇫🇷

#rp @stormceo 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ do you still support your friends business if it’s weak?

Never question your dream. It’s like knowing the answer to a test you studied for the night before and you answer it different because of the person sitting next to you.
You gotta believe in your dream like drinking water. It never stops and it comes in all different types of ways.
Drop the cloud ☁️ emoji if you got a dream... Dropping the full video before the NBA Draft.

“No need to ask you heard about us. Already know you know about us.”- Everything is Love...

Give the youth the tools and mental notes to succeed in a world built to knock you off your dream... Thats my mission. 📸: @creativenlb5

Happy Father’s Day to my pops Jack Paul McClinton Jr. The Legend.
You’ve taught me the game on and off the court. Love You.
We just getting started now. New seasons!!!! #mindset #mcclinton #OG

Some people speak about building and giving back. Others just talk about it. The real ones always will rise to the top. Never forget that. You either with it or you not. It’s dudes I’ve known my whole life that ain’t support the movement... #dreambigger
cc: @activedreamers
📸: @creativenlb5

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