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Maryam Iman  Celeb Hairstylist & Beauty Blogger Making people feel beautiful & promoting positivity 💁🏽‍♀️Hair @manifestinghair 📧 Email Manifestinghair@gmail.com

Yes, You. ❤️😊

Coloring curly hair can be very tricky. You don’t want to damage your curls or lose your curl pattern. You have to take better care of colored curls. However you can color your hair and it’s still be healthy,bouncy, and curly. I️ see a lot misconceptions online about curly hair. So as a stylist Im happy to share what the real is when it comes to coloring curly hair. Because I️ hate that curly girls get shamed for wanting to color the curls. We don’t do this to women with straight hair. So let me first start off by saying ANY form of coloring is some what damaging to your hair. It will always comprise the integrity of your hair in some degree both in Straight or curly hair. People think using color to lift hair is million times better than a form a bleach. Which isn’t true. All color comprises your hair integrity and you have to take better care of it. Yes bleach is stronger and will do more damage if not done correctly but the issues with lifting hair with “color” is you CANT do it if your hair isn’t Virgin hair. Color doesn’t lift color. And color can only lift about 4levels (not always very noticeable and brassy) up so you have dark hair or previously dyed hair like cree above then she wouldn’t be able to color her curls. She was box dye black 4 months ago. This is our 3rd session. I️ use love developers and explain to all clients it’s a process so I️ can Marian the integrity of their hair. I️ use @aveda always. I️ don’t overlap and I️ use low developer. It’s all about going to the right stylist. Almost all my curly hair client unless hey have virgin hair have to come in for multiple session. And that is why their color is beautiful and hair is healthy. Don’t be afraid color. Just know that it will comprise your hair and you will have to take better care of it and have more macitence . Just like any other person who colors their hair lol. Straight, curly, wavy. Just make sure you go the a experienced stylist ❤️

👀 Young Lioness. Watch out.

Shoutout to all my ladies working their asses off everyday. Going to school, starting their careers, building their businesses. Y’all are “GOALS.” We woman are truly incredible. Please keep pushing yourselves. Don’t chase men, and don’t chase men with money. Don’t get caught up on this superficial shit. It all wack. Be selfish as fuck in 20s. Invest in yourself. Promote yourself. Love yourself. Please stop chasing relationships and stupid trends. Don’t compare yourself to people online. Your journey is different. Work hard everyday and do something that makes you closer to your goal. Don’t give up. Being beautiful is great but there’s always someone beautiful. You aren’t here to be beautiful. You are here to live your best life. Leave your mark. Tell your story and fuck shit up. I️ don’t care how much money you have or where you live. If you are getting up everyday and working your ass off to get what you want in life I’m so proud of you. No matter how hard now might seem, I️ promise it will get better. You’re not failing. And your going to look back and be thankful for this struggle. I’m so proud of all you !!!! Incase no one told you! Stay strong ❤️

“People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you “

I’ve been laying low. Building my brand, protecting my peace, working out, and minding my own. 💁🏽‍♀️🤗❤️ #heybootycomethrough


Missing you @cree.ikuko #curlyhair

Always love cutting her hair! This woman is multi-talented and a straight up natural beauty! She’s never scared to switch it up and have fun. This time we went short and added layers for more body 😍❤️@missjaydmv #naturalhair #naturalhairstylist #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #curlycuts #curlspeacialist #hairstylist #licensedtocreate

Waiting for the food like 😩

Florida weather is messing with my hair. Over it. Every time I come here damnit. Sealed my ends with jojoba oil.

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