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💜 Kerina • Fashion | Travel  💁🏼 👗 @shopmangorabbit 📧 💎 #kerinaootd 📍 #Toronto | #NYC 🎥 My summer go-to moisturizer👇🏻

Aren’t you tired of waking up everyday NOT on a beach? 🏖 vacation is literally all I’m thinking about now but it’s so hard for me to put away my phone! 😫Are you constantly attached to your phone on vacation too???? I need HELP 😰#kerinapete

Printing my best memories in cute little squares! No editing 🙅‍♀️Who owns an Instax?? Show me ur prints!! 🗾🎑🌠🎇🌃🏞🌌🌅🌇🌉 😁😁😁#needmorefilm @fujifilm_instax_northamerica #myinstax #instaxsq6 #beautifullysquared

Inspired by the #royalwedding today to wear my own wedding dress at the @fairmontroyalyork 👰Everyone kept congratulating me and I felt like was transported back to my wedding in 2014 😝👑Hahahaha doesnt it also have Cinderella feels?!?! #ryhroyalromance #fairmontweddings #wedluxe

The best view ❤️what travel destinations are on your bucket list? 🌎 Mines Hawaii and Machu Picchu! #nycblogger #kerinaootd

Who’s team oily skin? 🙋🏼‍♀️Trying out the @olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 15 for the summer, ☀️ it’s got sun protection and doesn't feel greasy at all with it’s sheer formula, I definitely recommend it! 🤗Link in bio for details! #mySPFmatch #Ad

Girls forever boys whenever 👭❤️ tag your bestie! @audreyannej @coldpete

Do you want to see a tutorial on this hairstyle? 🌸if we get to 500 comments on this post I’ll film a YouTube tutorial! 🙈wearing extensions from @luxuryforprincess 💁🏼‍♀️use MANGORABBIT for a discount!***
#romantichair #bridalhairstyle #weddinghairstyle #ribbonhair #hairextensions #luxuryforprincess #luxuryhair #hairbraiding #torontoblogger

Eyeing that ice cream truck around the corner 🍨 WHATS YOUR FAVE FLAVOR???? *************** *
* 😱I just realized there’s no apple flavored ice cream. Anyone wonder why?????? #kerinaootd #igdc #cherryblossoms #torontoblogger #fashionbloggerstyle #outfittoday

My little berry monster 🍓 I think he substituted berries for cookies and I ain’t mad 🤗❤️ Happy Mommy’s day to all you moms out there, we got this! 🥂#mommyandme #mommyblogger #momlifeisthebestlife

What are your summer travel plans???? ❤️🤗 I wanna go to Hawaii so bad but it’s 10 hrs flight!! 😩 ********
#nyctravel #torontoblogger #lesirenuse #travelblogger #kerinaootd

Life update: baby Lucas’s favorite thing in the world is 🚗 he says it about 1000 times a day. So here I am honoring his favorite thing in the world by sitting in one 🚘 lol #momlife

🌸New YouTube video up! on my hair care routine + how I curl my hair! LINK IN BIO! ****************
I just realized my caption doesn’t match my pic at all 😂😂😂 #kerinahome #torontobloggers

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