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Matt Bessette  Happily married - BJJ Black Belt, Judo Brown Belt, Reigning/Defending CES MMA Featherweight World Champion - Fighting out of CT, USA


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😱💣⚰️ #SAVAGE The Most Beautiful Combo

Caleb and I just making fun of those people at the mall that have another person they're with take several photos of them posing in order to get that 1 perfect picture to post on their Instagram page that has 10,000 followers. You're a star. So popular. Your life is better than anyone who has followers less than you. Stay vain, yo. 🙄

Given the current status of boxing, I fear for the future judging of high level MMA fights. - Last night, GGG won a close match. This one djudge scored it 10 rounds to 2 in favor of Canelo Alvarez.- current judging in MMA, at times, can be a baseball and downright questionable. It really makes me think that no matter how new the sport of MMA is, there will always be ignorance and shady stuff on the scoring panel. #mma #boxing #ggg #canelo #GGGvsCanelo #fight #fighter

I think I'll just cancel my plans and just watch this on loop for the rest of the day.

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Self-care and safety are huge priorities for this Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. That's why I'm pairing up with fellow female fighter @xoaridanielle as well as our incredible, professional MMA fighter coaches @manglerbjj & @jeffemilhaddad at @ascensionmma to help lead a Woman's Self Defense Seminar, free to the public to help ensure our girls know how to fight back. Come and join on Oct 7 & 8!!
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At Ascension MMA, we believe a step towards empowering and improving the safety among females, is training them with the proper mental and physical tools needed when a dangerous situation arises.
Two of our female athletes have decided to help run a women's only self defense seminar to help further support the change we hope to be apart of!

Ariana Cruz & Michelle Slavin will be leading alongside CES MMA World Champ and blackbelt, Matt Bessette and undefeated pro, Jeff Haddad.
We welcome any and all females who would like to come to our free female lead, self-defense Seminar!

Contact us for details if needed! #fightlikeagirl #women #femalefitness

This was the squad today for #kickboxing and #strengthandconditioning classes. Now we are starting some @manglerbjj at @ascensionmma in #BristolCT

I healed from a fractured wrist in 3 weeks when I was 17. I healed from a torn ACL, torn MCL, and 3 maniscal tears without surgery. This is likely the worst of my injuries and it's now 13 days after the pin removal! Turn on the sound 🔊 #MMA #rehab #WolverineBlood #MMAInjury #BennettsFracture

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We take a look at one particular exchange between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana’s first bout in 2014.
1. In this short, notice how Floyd draws Maidana by leaning his upper body forward creating the illusion that he is in range even though his lower body is clearly not. Even Floyd’s gloves stick out off the face just a bit more than normal to make the distance appear shorter. This is the token position Floyd pull counters or throws lead rights from. While from the side angle we can more easily tell Floyd is leaning forward, from Maidana’s position distinguishing the depth is more difficult.
2. Floyd once again shows his defensive responsibility and focus by aborting the right hand counter mid flight after seeing Maidana react just a little too quickly. This is the level of awareness of Floyd Mayweather.
3. We particularly like this exchange because multiple hard and fast punches from both fighters are thrown, countered and slipped and yet nothing lands at all. It’s an extremely high level of boxing on display.
4. While we couldn’t fit it all in this short, the minute leading up to this particular exchange we see lots of baiting and traps set by both fighters. Floyd stepping, leaning in with his chin exposed and Maidana trying to draw Floyd’s pull counter with light jabs and feints to counter with his own. It’s a beautiful display of intelligent boxing.
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