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Bella  I❤9S~ I make cosplays ✨ I love yokotaro, Idols, Ikuhara, FE, SMT (。・ω・。) Curvy Babe KaedeP/MikaP♡ ~AX

Comparison between two different resin coating brands for sturdy polystyrene foam in large props! For the big bois it works well sometimes, but Pink foam is ABSOLUTELY not the solution to every prop btw!!! but it works well in some very specific instances where you need an oversized prop you can actually carry, and often when you need geometric shapes because of the ease of working with this. You can literally cut this with dollar store straight blades.
Working with this for massive props you want to keep lightweight can be really tricky, as any aerosol literally EATS IT AWAY on bare foam and it is brittle on its own, so easiest way to do both of these things is to paint it with a thin coating resin meant to seal and strengthen it before finishing with sanding and spray paint.
You do NOT WANT TO PAINT OR SAND RESIN WITHOUT A MASK OUTSIDE!!! It is really harmful to breathe in and can give you nerve damage!!! I am not joking around! But between these two XTC3D is cheaper and honestly comparable in terms of how sturdy and cleanly it captures detail. Epsilon seems to be the popular choice online but I kinda like XTC more myself even tho you have to go lighter on the layers to avoid drips. So yeah enjoy if you were considering using pink foam it works well with the right prep and precautions.
White Heart Axe by @ivoridd
Beastlord by myself
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the base is p much done. What a piece of work lmao and its not even perfect lol its three layers with 25 hidden boning channels and built in bra cups (still needs invisible straps) :( but its wearable and needs binding and details. This pattern and most of the work was actually started THREE YEARS ago and set aside because moving was more important but now Im gonnna be cute with my boo Ivori #nerocosplay #sabercosplay #sabernero #fateextra #fatecosplay #typemooncosplay #bunnysuitcosplay

HELLO????? yes I didnt expect anyone to guess #masakonatsume but #midnightbnha was right 8) Im excited to do something popular again for fun after so long doing niche things, its way easier to chat with people at cons that way ❤❤ I cant resist any dommy mommy cosplay lmao

Have wigs for these two coming in hopefully monday!!! Guess away hehe >:3 I'll post my lineup for AX after that~

another photo from the contest ❤❤ I'm still shocked we won our division considering how half of the entries were in our category too lol we worked hard for it!!! 📸- @sarscosplay
#sexycosplay #cosplay #fireemblem #armorcosplay #camillacosplay #camillafireemblem #fireemblemcosplay #fireemblemheroes

fjdjjd I dont like my face in this but I love my leggy so take it lol 📸-@himisterzee #2bcosplay #2b #nierautomatacosplay #cosplay #nier #niercosplay #nierautomata

uhhh.... whats a clever caption when things have been kinda boring ahah
umu? #nerocosplay #sabercosplay #sabernero #fateextra #fgocosplay #fgo

The night has left us crippled with grief
As we strive to keep alive our belief,
But a loss so great, it clouds all our hopes for the dawn.
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