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Here comes the weirdness!

If you are new here welcome, if you’ve been following me for a while, I truly appreciate your support and the time you spend reading my content.
Today I’m going to share a little more about myself. 📚 I hated math in high school, but personal finances has been a passion of mine that I’ve studied and nerded out for years. I legit will be excited to wake up early on a Saturday morning to work on spreadsheets. Helping people transform their entire lives by attending to their finances, is the reason I was put here on the earth. 🤓
👖 I am pretty simple when it comes to clothes, I am really a t-shirt and jeans (now more so leggings & @livify because Freddy pants = life ;) kind of gal.
🥗 If you follow my IG stories, you know I eat a #saladthesizeofmyhead every damn day.
Fun fact, I never ate a salad until I was 22. No joke.
🐶 I began my first business when I was 11 years old.
🐴 Then I began my second business when I was 14 years old, built my first business and began marketing online, I had zero clue what I was doing, but I was determined I was going to be successful.
👩🏻 I used to have my lip pierced, #itwasubercute
💰 If I put a nickel in a swear jar every time I swore, I would be a millionaire. #sailorsmouth
😴 If I was on a deserted island and I could only take one thing with me, it would be my eye mask. Not joking. I went from being an insomniac to sleeping through the night due to really working on my night time habits, reducing my stress and improving my health.
🍦 I can’t bite ice cream because I have sensitive teeth. When I see people do that I get complete goosebumps.
🐮 I had a steer (cow) named Melon that I trained to ride.
I make the most random sounds throughout the day and talk in the weirdest voices, for no reason at all.
🎥 I could talk about my favorite government/CIA/conspiracy movies for about 4 hours.
🐁 Snakes and spiders don’t bother me at all, but my fear of mice is for real.

I would love to get to know you better! Any of my weird-o-ness resonate with you? Share a interesting fact about yourself below!!!

The fact that you have struggled with your finances up until now, does NOT make you a failure, it makes you resilient as f*ck and that is a huge asset to you!

The past does not predict the future and with financial education and someone who can coach you through your struggles, you can and will absolutely break free of your money struggles.

Your resilience is what is going to make you successful so you don’t have to live with the feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, drained of brain power and having intense stress in your relationships.

You + your resilience + your tolerance to NOT struggle anymore + a mentor = the life you want to live.

Click the link in my bio to book in for your 2-Hour Personal Finance Power Session, to have my help you completely transform your finances. 💵

Things I learned about money from kayaking this weekend.

When you are directing your kayak, it takes a minimal amount of energy to steer it where you want to go. One small paddle makes a significant difference to the direction you are going. The energy you put into the stroke, determines where you will go.

It is the same with your money. When you are intentional with your money, you are able to choose your financial situation, where you will be.

The energy that you put in, can take you either to the left, right, backwards and all places in between.

It is all about the energy that you put in and the intentions that you set, that determine where you will go.

You are going to be putting in energy either way, so why not be intentional about it and align your energy, with where you WANT to be, with how you want to FEEL when you think about your finances.

Money is just a flow of energy and aligning your actions with what you value most in your life, is what is going to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

What do you do to increase your energy and vibrations to align you with what you want most?

If you want to feel less anxious about your financial situation, if you want less financial stress in your life, you are going to have to do something you haven’t done before.

The actions and habits you have taken, are what has got you to where you are now. So if you want to truly improve and end the financial struggles you’ve been facing, you have to be ready and open, to change.

This may mean: 🛑 Stopping listening to people who are broke and don’t have the skills, money mindset, strategy and financial literacy to help you end the struggles you’ve been facing. 💰 Tracking your income and spending and understanding what you current cash flow is. ❌ Saying no to things that don’t align with your bigger vision, BUT saying YES to those that do, that you may not currently be doing. 🤓 Hiring a financial coach to cut to your journey down by years, to save you the overwhelm of where to start and to give you a custom step by step plan.

When you do things differently going forward, that is when financial change happens and that is when the feelings of stress and anxiety are able to significantly reduce in your life. 💙

What is something you’re focusing on right now that is a new habit in your life?

I think that going on vacations and getaways are really important for mental health and self care. BUT I think that they can be done in two different ways, one that breaks the bank and one that is friendlier to your bank account.

You can plan to go on a expensive trip that makes you feel incredible while you are there, and then when you get home and have the credit card statement come in the mail and you go to pay it and you don’t have enough in your account, so you carry a balance while you attempt to pay it off.

Or if you know that you don’t have the money to pay it off as soon as you come home, think of planning a different trip that will still give you the same feelings that you are aiming to achieve.

For example, my brother and I went camping and hiking in Banff National Park and it was absolutely breathtaking and so perfect for the soul. We stayed in a hut on the mountain one night and a really nice hostel the next, both were $30 a night. So you could actually plan a trip that is just your gas, minimal for camping and then hike and explore for a small amount for a park pass or even free depending where you go. You can easily pack food to save on eating out costs.

We had an incredible weekend, hiking and kayaking and I have never felt so in the moment and as if time was standing still.

The hiking up a mountain filled my need for adventure and exploring the unknown.

I absolutely support you taking vacations in your life, I just think that you should be smart about it and make sure that you aren’t putting yourself into further debt or lowering your credit score for missed payments when paying for it. If you have the money to be able to splurge on a trip and not affect your finances, then all the power to you, but if you don’t, just plan smart.

Do you plan on camping or going hiking this year? What are your plans for filling your need for exploring and adventure?

Growing up I was never the pretty girl.
I was always the skinny girl, like too skinny.
I was the tomboy.
I was the awkward kid.
I was definitely not popular.
For many years I kept my head down just trying not to be noticed.
I was the definition of the ugly duckling.
But guess what? I didn't allow any of that to hold me back.
Even despite having 0 self confidence or self esteem.
What I did have - I believed in myself. Over and over again.

I wanted to model ever since I was 12. When I was 18 I began that journey.⠀
I always loved public speaking. So I competed in public speaking since I was 8.
I always loved performing and being on stage whether that was the leading role in a drama production, being in a beauty pageant or a bikini competition.
I am a very competitive person. Never ever against anyone else, but always against myself.

You have so much more inside of you.
You just need to believe in you.
You need to believe in your abilities.
Your resourcefulness.
Your dreams.
Your intuition.

Just think about the things you have overcame.
Think of the times when you thought you would never pull through.
Remember your strength.
Remember your resilience.
Now use it to get what your soul is craving.
You can achieve exactly what you want.
But you have to begin with believing full heartedly in yourself.

What is something you always wanted to do, that by believing fully in yourself, you made it happen?

I know what it feels like to bounce a rent cheque for $129 to my friend.

I know what it’s like to try and purchase a $14 shirt and see insufficient funds.

I know what it’s like having my sister transfer me $300 so I can buy groceries.

And this is exactly why I have succeeded.

Because I used my struggles as my fuel. They lit a fire under my ass and I did exactly what I needed to do so I could live a life where I didn’t have to worry every day of repeating these experiences over again.

I refused to allow this to be my normal.

Instead of sitting in this feeling of stuck and I don’t know what to do, I took action.

I just “did.” I want you to take action too.

Even if you are scared to reach out right now, that means that you need to work with someone who has been there and has a plan for you to improve your finances so you aren’t in the same place or a worse place, 6 months or a year from now.

They can give you the plan and support you, but you have to choose to not stay in the stuck and to make the decision to work with someone to make your finances a priority. Not in six months from now, not in a year from now.

You and your mental health deserve that right now.

You are only one choice away from choosing to feel free, calm and like you are the one in control of your life.

Take action today by clicking the link in my bio to book in for a free 15 min Q&A call to talk about your specific financial situation.

In case no one has told you lately, you need to forgive yourself for what has happened in the past with your money.

I want you right now, to take a deep breathe and let out all that you have been holding onto. Holding onto those experiences and being angry at yourself and others, is only eating away at you from the inside. You don’t deserve that kind of pain.

Believe it or not, you’ve never made any money mistakes, you’ve only had “money learning experiences.” These experiences you can sue to make more wise decisions going forward, which actually makes them a blessing in disguise.

Leave the past in the past and stop mentally punishing yourself for it, because it sure isn’t empowering you, it is only weighing you down.

Going forward I want you to feel free. I want you to feel expansive.

And you can, as soon as you CHOOSE to let it all go.

Let it go and now ask yourself, “What can I do differently, to live the life that I want to?” That is a question that is empowering, that focuses on the here and now and it solution driven.

Breathe in. Let go. Forgive. Exhale. Focus on what you can change right now.

When I was 18 years old, I was driving back from Edmonton and I was only driving 90km/hr on a highway with a speed limit of 110.⠀

Why was I driving so slow?⠀

Because at that time, I had hardly any money in my bank account and I was trying to conserve as much gas as physically possible, by yes, driving 20 km under the speed limit. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single vehicle that didn’t pass me during my 8 hour drive home, which then took hours longer due to driving so damn slow.⠀

So I know what it feels like to have financial hardship. I have been there.⠀

But what when I was in that struggle, I told myself that this was going to be the last time that this ever happened. I made a choice right then.⠀

I can tell you that the solution to ending your constant struggle, is to learn about money, from someone who it is their speciality.⠀

Why learn from someone else? Because they can condense the information into what you really need to know right now and it can take you from 7 years of learning, to a short few months.⠀

Don’t you want to shorten your learning period so your struggle doesn’t go on for next few decades?⠀

What took me from never having to pinch pennies so much that I was being passed by ever driver and their great grandma on the road, was making the commitment to myself to learn the skills that those who were already successful, possessed and adopting the habits that they lived by.⠀

It’s really not that complicated. Find someone who has the skills that you need and learn from them. Your entire life trajectory will completely change. 💙⠀ What are your plans for the weekend? I’m excited to be hiking and kayaking!

I know what it's like to wonder if I will have enough money for groceries and when my next meal will be. I have ate food from the food bank before and I am not ashamed of it because it led me to be the strong person that I am today and because of that, I am incredibly grateful that there are places like this out there. I used these experiences to be my fuel for why I was going to make learning about money, money management and self development, absolute priorities in my life.

If you want to truly change your life and not have so many struggles with your money anymore, you need to make it a priority. You need to stop doing things that are not accelerating your life forward.

You can either begin a journey to learn money management skills by reading books, listening to podcasts and taking courses and then implementing what you have learned and seeing how those strategies work, or if you want to greatly speed up the process, hire a mentor who has mastered the skills that you need to learn, so you don't have to struggle so long and have the support and accountability on your journey.
Every single time that I have hired a mentor or a coach, I have reached my goals years quicker than if I just kept choosing to struggle on my own and not ask for help.

Click the link in my bio for a free 15 min financial Q&A call with me to see how I can help you improve your finances right now.

You convince yourself that it’s okay to not really look at your business finances, to focus more on bringing in clients, creating content and increasing your visibility and getting better at marketing.

You put thinking about your business income and expenses, tracking and organizing all things business finance related into the “later” box. You know, the box where you put everything that you mentally don’t want to deal with right now, but tell yourself that you will in the future, but in reality, you just never do.

So then when you do look at it, it gives you anxiety. It makes you uncomfortable. It makes you feel like you don’t have your sh*t together and like you aren’t a “real business owner.” I want you to know that you don’t have to feel this way.

That you can feel confident, calm, in charge and on top of your business finances, with ease.

You just need someone to take a little bit of time, to walk you through it, to give you the done for you systems that you need.

And that’s why I created my Business Finances Power Session. In two hours, you will come out with clarity, with structure and systems that will take your business to the next freaking level.

Are you ready for more abundance, more money and to really feel confident in your whole business, not just the coaching you provide? Click the link in my bio to book in for your Business Financial Power Session. You won’t regret it, you’ll just wish you had done it sooner!

What part of your business finances do you find the most difficult?

I made $890 in 11 days just from selling items I already had laying around my house!

It's literally the easiest and quickest thing that you can do right NOW to make some extra cash!

Just think if you have a $3000 credit card balance, you could pay almost ⅓ of it right there! You just need to take the initiative to collect the items that you are using, don't fit anymore and don't have the room for! Write a description, decide on a price and post your stuff up online! Did I also mention that I sold $890 worth of stuff in 11 days in a community of 500 people?!? This also wasn't the first time I've done this, I've sold over $6000 worth of stuff in the past!

So what are you waiting for?!? Sell some of your stuff NOW! Put that money down on any debt you have, use it to create an emergency fund or use it for coaching to learn how to pay off your debt quicker and learn how to manage your money.
I would love to hear if you’ve sold your stuff before or if this is your first time and what you’re going to sell!

I want to hear, what would you use that money for right now?!?

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