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Mandy Fabrizi  Tattoo artist based out of Afflicted Ink in Lyndhurst, NJ. All inquiries: mandytattoos@gmail.com


The tattoo industry has been bought and sold already. And moves like this could subsequently cost a lot of people their jobs. See we all love money and being a "famous Tattooer" or whatever, but what happens when our local governments take notice? What happens when the state determines what we do is a medical practice and starts enforcing more rules and licensing requirements for shops and artists. MANY OF US WILL LOSE OUR JOBS. Think about it. The wealthy have taken notice of our industry, small independent machine builders are replaced by giant corporations pushing out made in China products to millions of artists worldwide. It's been a different business way before this shit happened. When I started tattooing I thought this was a different world, I thought tattooed people would have love and respect for each other for being outcast or different their whole lives. I thought it was a place where someone like me could meet like minded artists and find a "place" in the world, so to speak. That dream died within the first two years of my apprenticeship. Once conventions went from hotels to giant convention centers. This becomes more of a popularity contest and race to the most money every year. It isn't what it was, and it will never be that way again so deal with it. If you work in it enjoy it while it lasts. Because the smaller shops out there will be taken down by these giant corporations who OWN US and what we use to work. This is AMERICA this is capitalism. This is what happens to small business when big money takes notice. Look at farmers, look at internet providers and cell phone carriers, look at coffee shops and gas stations. You wanted the fame, you wanted the money, this industry isn't under the radar anymore and changes are upon us. It's not going away and it's not gonna go back to being cool because we let the mainstream into this world and now THEY think it's "cool" too. There's a whole generation of tattooers out there now who never used anything but cartridge needles. And their apprentices will use nothing but cartridge needles and the history and culture of this whole industry will continue to die with these "advances". It's already happening.

Missing #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork this was outside of the lobster shack. Take me back to lobster shack.

Here's a little sneaky peek at this stomach piece I'm workin on. #wip #tattoo #tattoos #vulturetattoo #vulture #traditionaltattoo #traditionalvulture #bellyrocker #afflicted #tattooartist #bellybuttontattoo #bellyblaster #femaletattooartist thanks Zack for powering through that belly button fill last night. You're tough as nails! We will be adding color and extending this to the chest and hips as well.

Boop boop bee doop. Haven't done one of these in a coon's age! Thank you @kennybrescia once again! Super fun piece. #bettyboop #bettybooptattoo #tattoo #tattoos #oldschooltattoo #afflicted

Make your appointments for the new year! #tattoo #tattoos #colortattoo #tattooartist #femaletattooist

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

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