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Mandy Senske  ➕Married to Sean ➕Mama to River, Hollis & Baker ➕Monat lover

@era3_official baby 🤗

Dinner with Bae (am I too old to say Bae? Well, whatever.) #DateNight #SmokinHotHubs

Can't get over these two! Three is way fun, maybe my favorite age... but I say this at every age. Baker is 8 weeks and it's also a favorite. 😂

Online shopping date with the cutest assistant. #BakerBree

They begged for me to take this picture. Buddy thought he was hilarious for laying on the couch like that and Sis was equally as amused but was even more happy about her dress. Their personalities. ❤️❤️

The morning we had sweet baby Baker and the man I love by my side. There's been something I've wanted to throw out there for a while. I hear a lot of commentary on how much I "let" Sean hunt and fish. I've got to say, it might not be for everybody but for me, I knew that those were his passions when I dated him, when we got married and I still know it. For me, I want to support that. I don't want to strip that joy from him and he's so much happier when he's doing those things. Buddy and Sis love tagging along and hearing about what he's scouting, hunting or just brought home to feed us. This is the one life we get and as long as we are physically able to do the things we love to do, we do them. Y'all, it's all in the way you think about it. I could nag on him for being gone OR I could embrace it. The truth is, embracing it is easier for all of us and we are happy. Good enough for me. Your bottom line may be different than mine and that's ok too. #HuntingWife #FishingWife #MamaBear #KeepingPerspective #OneLife

There's a Fly In every year in our hometown. They serve sausage and pancakes and take the kids on airplane rides free of charge. Like... who does that? Seriously, we have such a great community with such great people. It just happened to be the twins birthday so they landed their first flight on their third birthday.

Second day back to work and missing my babes like crazy. It felt more like a long weekend than six weeks but I'm just so thankful I get this time with my babies. No amount of time would have seemed like enough because the time goes by so quickly and those sweet babes don't keep. I have THREE year olds already! How in the world did that happen so fast?

It took a looooonnnggg time to find hair products that worked for me. I'm a total product junky, always on the hunt for the best make up, skincare, haircare... if you ask my nearest and dearest friends you know. I'm also a tough sell, if something sucks, I'll just tell you it sucks. If something doesn't suck, I'll tell you it doesn't suck. I've been using Monat since February and my hair has literally never been in such great shape. It's growing - PRAISE! It's not snapping off. More shiny. Less oily. All things good. If you haven't tried it, you need to. There's a sweet little bonus for newbies through tonight at 10:59CST - message me for the deets.

Happy Birthday my 3 year olds. I love you more than words can say. #HappyBirthday #Twins #TurningThree

That blonde hair, messy buns, tiny voice... I feel like I've gotten to know her even better and fall more in love with each of my kids since being on maternity leave. I am so thankful. ▪️
#thankful #thankfulmama #grateful #gratitude #blessed #blessedmama #liveeachday #sheisagift

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