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Mandy Martini  LA ➵ miracles + healing + plants🌿 DV survivor and advocate. Yoga & Meditation Teacher | Writer & Speaker The Science of Letting Go - 21 Day Course ✨

I’m 30 but I still get carded for buying kombucha and rosé flavored ice cream 🤷🏻‍♀️- #TRUEstory
I just realized I haven’t introduced myself in awhile... ok ok... ever!
While some of you have followed me for years and know all my dirt (love you!), many of you are brand new!
Hiii, welcome!
I am Mandy Martini... for real. I’ve lived through a lot of “are you shaken or stirred” and “that sounds like a stage name” jokes & comments.
I have lived in Los Angeles for 11 years but I’m originally from Sweden!
I love hitting the road and see where it takes me! My family is spread out over Europe in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain - every summer growing up we would drive south to visit. I know... I was so lucky!! Still am!
I’m a yoga teacher but quit teaching public classes last year, December 26th to be exact, to focus on events, workshops and my online course The Science of Letting Go.
I hate following other people’s rules and schedules and ALWAYS have which is why I’ve been self employed for the past three years after working in the corporate world (banking & fashion industry.) 12 days of combined vacation/sick days and 9 to 5 work just never made sense to me. I need my freedom!!
I don’t like the phrases “we’ll do it next time” and “later”- if you want something, why wait until it’s too late you know? Sometimes you only got ☝🏼 shot baby!
I never had a babysitter as a kid. My babysitters were the forest, open fields, cliffs by the ocean and the library...
.... which brings me to tell you I’m a HUGE bookworm! The digital era has saved me somewhat from getting my home drowned in books with digital versions and audibles, but I’m not gonna lie, I like the smell and feels of the real deal.
I’m very much an introvert. Super sensitive to other people’s energies and vibes, you will either drain me or lift me up. If you drain me, you gotta go and you will never find me in a nightclub, ever.
Lastly, I love being barefoot so much and lush nature, I’m seriously considering relocating to Hawaii🤫
Ok, I’ve been rambling! Share something about yourself below so I can get to know you!! 🤗
PC: @miketanlines

When you hear my story, I don’t want you to feel bad for me.
I can’t speak for other women but for me, I want you to be proud and happy.
Proud and happy that we survived and now live a life with freedom, peace and love.
Most of us have lived under a constant threat. We have dodged sharp and hard objects thrown at us. We have dodged knifes and other weapons, or objects used as weapons. We’ve been kept captive in our own homes with no option to escape or call for help. Somedays we had to run really fast, maybe we managed to outrun our abuser but most of the time we didn’t. We’ve been tossed around, pushed, shoved, smacked, punched and kicked. Some of us have experienced death threats and attempts.
The point is, we survived.
There was one specific time I thought he had changed my life forever. He had kicked me to the ground so hard, straight into my spine, and I couldn’t pick myself back up. I remember how scared I was for not being able to feel my legs or move them.
But I healed. I healed and survived what ended up being years of weekly, almost daily torture.
If this happened to a person on the street by a stranger, there would be no silence. It would probably make the news. But when it happens in a home, by people who know each other, it’s silenced.
This is why the 911 calls the police get about domestic violence are one of the most dangerous calls they get. It’s the unexpected killer.
Since I posted my videos (cry vs no cry version) about my story (I was sneaky about it, closed fb group and my stories)- I’ve had women reaching out to me about being in the process of leaving or escaping their abusers. Sometimes all we need to know is that we are not alone. That what is happening behind closed doors isn’t just your reality, but so many others. Speaking about my own story have brought me together with not only other women sharing the experience, but also other women sharing the experience with the same abuser.
You are usually not the abusers first victim, and you will probably not be his last which is why it’s so important to speak up and report whenever possible.
But first, acknowledge how badass we are for surviving 🙃 link in bio.

Water has always been home to me.
There is nowhere I feel as relaxed as when I feel the water on my skin. The sense of lightness as I move underneath the surface.
Some of my best meditations are in the water. In the beginning it’s always hard. I get caught up thinking about my goal instead of enjoying my time in the water. Forgetting to appreciate the journey.
As I move through greater distance my mind starts to come back to the moment.
Could be because my body is getting tired. Could be I burned off built up anxiety and energy.
Or could just be that my mind was given time.
Time to relax and be still.
Side note! I just realized last night I have counted my distance wrong for a week and a half (me and yards 🤦🏻‍♀️) anyhow, turns out I’ve actually been swimming twice as far as I thought. The goal I had for in 4 weeks, I was actually already doing. Ooops 🙈 explains why I’ve been so sore and pooped.

This is for those feeling...
... stuck...
... lost...
... stressed...
... overwhelmed...
... tensed...
... anxious...
Like something is missing. Like something needs to change but you can’t figure out the how or why.
Or both.
This is not for those looking for a quick cure.
This is for those who want to learn about themselves and reconnect with their bodies.
This is for the person who wants to learn techniques for life. A person who understands healing is a lifetime journey.
A person that knows that they need to understand themselves and the “crap” they are carrying, to be able to let go and move forward.
This is for the person that is tired of carrying around their baggage. That knows they deserve something better.
This is not a yoga course or fitness program.
This is a course for letting go. For dealing with life. Clearing the way for a future that isn’t held back by the past.
Still not sure? Swipe to read reviews from people who have taken the course.
Course includes but not limited to:
◈ A 21 Day Guide
◈ TRE, Psoas Release Video Classes
◈ EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique Videos
◈ Yoga Class (for those who want)
◈ Reading Material
◈ Journaling Questions
◈ A Guide For A Self-Love Practice
◈ Mediation & Visualization
◈ A lifetime membership to the course with updated material as the course evolves.
How to sign up or learn more? 🤗
Follow the link in my profile or go to 💻
#thescienceoflettinggo #onlinecourse
📸: @wanderlustyourself

I remember thinking to myself if I would ever be able to trust a man again.
After living through so much manipulation and darkness, would it be possible to surrender to faith and love?
As my healing begun I started to recognize the men in my life that represented the goodness I hadn’t seen in “him.”
Growing up I had a lot of male friends. Like my friend Chris here in the picture with me, we’ve been friends for 21 years.
One of my first realizations that the life I was living was not healthy, was watching one of my friends from back home with his girlfriend and how he treated her. Imagine a bubble. A bubble of a false reality. When false beliefs become how we live and reason, it’s hard for us to really know our truth until we have that one little reminder, a little needle of our old selves burst it.
It was an eyeopener I will always remember as the moment that saved my life.
Since then I’ve watched the men in my life with their partners. Like Chris with his beautiful girlfriend Ana (who took this picture) - it gave me my faith back. The way they not only treat their women but how they treat everyone around them has shown me that there is so much kindness and love in this world.
It has shown me that the goodness in someone’s heart is not limited. When someone is truly good, that’s who they are. They don’t change depending on who they speak to or meet, or if you just met them or known them for years, their light always carries with them.
Fear doesn’t have to be our reality. Recognize that healing is a process but it’s fully possible as long as you remember that the truth is that there are goodness in this world. That there is love and hope out there for everyone and not just a selected few. Don’t be hard on yourself, accept that it takes time so allow yourself that. #thescienceoflettinggo
🧑🏼 childhood friend: @iambembe
👧🏻 and beautiful girlfriend: @banana_closet_

What’s been buzzing on social media is people staying away from coffee. Now I might be biased but isn’t coffee supposed to be good for you? I mean I get how frappes, lattes or 5 cups of coffee in one day might not be good for you, but a small cup of joe (black) can’t be bad no? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #sundaythoughts #coffee #malibu

One thing people who have experienced trauma sometimes recognize is the importance of listening to your gut, your intuition. Our mind has a tendency to rationalize and undermining that feeling, even overpowering until we don’t know what is what anymore. Most of us, after something happen, we remember having a feeling that something wasn’t right, that we had a “bad feeling.”
Always trust yourself.
Not sure what this picture from today’s farmers market has to do with it but I did get a lot of “gut healing” foods for cooking 😉🤷🏻‍♀️ New recipe up #ontheblog - - AND #youtube Creamy Coconut Quinoa Oatmeal #trustyourgut #farmersmarket #playavista

You guys are so freakin amazing!
For those of you who decided to join me in this little challenge of getting the motivation back, keep an eye on my stories, I’ll be posting challenges up there.
Also, in the highlight of working out and motivation, I was thinking we could share our most embarrassing moments exercising down below for support and a good laugh 👇🏻 I’ll start....
Once at the gym, I got distracted by something while on the treadmill and before I knew it I FLEW off and face planted on the ground, I was scared of getting back on for years!🙈
Now if you don’t share yours then it’s just plain mean.

It’s easy to get sucked into people pleasing. I’m one of those people who would always do it and worry about what others think. Trying to make everyone happy and avoid confrontations. After my divorce, after always trying to please him and everything revolved around our staged image on social media, I kind of landed in a “don’t give a f” zone.
I’ve been soul searching and paid close attention to the things that make me happy and that I love sharing because it’s part of my new life. What I’ve come to realize is that I love getting down and dirty, especially barefoot outside, but I don’t like it to be dirty inside my home.
I love travel but I also love being home.
I’m slightly addicted to plants after I learned how to not kill them all. They are now my children.
I love trying new recipes or creating my own, mostly because I love eating and don’t have anyone anymore making comments about what I’m eating anymore.
I make a lot of healthy dishes but also love making naughty desserts, I believe in balance.
I love speaking and connecting with you guys about mental health, because let’s face it, I’ve been through a shit storm but so have most of you.
Lastly, I love sharing fitness and yoga but to be honest, court, legal process and all that good stuff has a tendency to take fun out of it all. My motivation has been in the gutter, but I know me and I know that if I commit to sharing it with you guys once a week then it will keep me accountable. So I hope you guys don’t mind because this gal needs to get back to herself and you my friends are my cure, even though you don’t know it.
If you want to join for this HIIT COMBO, repeat each exercise for 45 seconds, rest 15 secs, OR 50x10 if you want more. Repeat the circuit 3 times.
Mountain climbers
Hip lifts from the top of your feet
Downdog walks (flex feet and draw leg into the sockets, you should feel it in your hip flexor)
Plank jumps (center, right, left, center)
Abs— lower legs as low as you can with control
High Lunge to standing back kick
Side kicks with legs straight

Smiling big. Had a great time up north with @underarmour teaching at the @ucberkeleyofficial campus for the #uaxcalgiveback event. The whole UA team was so so sweet and welcoming and I got to meet this amazing mama @gofitjo who taught a killer HIIT class 💛 my favorite thing about this industry is the people I meet through it. Thank you guys for having me! Also I found this amazing spot with view of Berkeley and SF!

So excited to partner with @UnderArmour for their giveback event with @ucberkeleyofficial – if you’re a Berkeley student, faculty or staff member, you can use the link in my bio to sign up for a FREE class on 4/4 – I’ll be teaching the 12:15pm yoga flow! More details in 🔗but please swing by to say hi, and participate in this event that will benefit @ucb_foodpantry and @bsfcollective! #UAxCALGiveback

Today I’m 30. Even though I never post “real moment” videos on here, nothing really feels more accurate to how my life is right now than this little snippet.
My twenties was turbulent and unpredictable, never knowing really what was going to happen. Obviously we never really know what is going to happen next but my life is definitely calmer and I am now able to slow down to appreciate where I am today and my new possibilities. This morning my bestie @noellebenepe surprised me with kayaking out on the ocean and then we met up with some of my closest friends for brunch and drinks, two things I would’ve never been able to do if I hadn’t made that change in my life almost two years ago. I would never had been able to spend as much time as I do with my godson, or dance with him today to live music. My birthdays literally used to be hell on earth. I was blocked from the outside world and any normality. I didn’t even get to see most of my friends for a great block of time and today I was able to sit with them by the water, eating and drinking while listening to jazz. I have to pinch myself for how grateful I am.
I know it’s scary with change and the unknown. I know there’s fear of maybe things won’t get better because you can’t see it or envision it. Just know that even if you don’t know what will happen next, trust and have faith that every change that happens in your life is for the purpose of making it better, even if you don’t see it at first.

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