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I started living as a minimalist exactly 2 1/2 years ago.
I have never liked clutter but in all honesty, that’s not the reason why I started.
The reason why I started was because I was planning on leaving my abusive ex husband and I needed to minimize to be able to leave quickly.
One of the questions you have to ask yourself is, what can I live without?
Becoming a minimalist ended up being my coverup as he suspiciously looked at me and the piles of trash bags containing almost all of my belongings.
I decided about 50 hangers would be enough and whatever couldn’t fit on those hangers would have to go.
Fifty might sound like a lot but I challenge you to count how many hangers you have.
I ended up getting rid of almost 90% of my clothes and then other things I’ve had collected over the years.
So why did I decide with 50?
I went with 50 because it was enough for me to have a good rotation of options, and easy enough for me to just grab and go when the time was right.
Now 2 1/2 years later I still follow this rule.
I only buy if I need something and I’ve found that I no longer stare at my closet and tell myself I have nothing to wear.
I know exactly what’s in there, I can see everything clear and perfectly and I don’t waste any clothes because I use them all.
I also don’t have to clean up the house as much because I don’t have unnecessary clutter laying around, which saves both my time and sanity.
This is also one of the reasons why I prefer natural and basic colors because they are easier to mix and match and you don’t get tired of them.
And just for the record, the one place where I’m not a minimalist is with swimsuits - that’s just never gonna happen 😅
Wouldn’t it be fun though if everyone went and counted their hangers and we could see how the numbers are? Or is that just the data and analysis geek in me? 🤓 Dare to give me a number below? 💋
👙: @vitaminaswim

Just a reminder that not even cactuses were able to survive in my house not too long ago 🌵☠️🌿

Finally back at the gym with bestie! 😄💦 before I went 90%-ish plant and #wholefoods based, I would feel so icky whenever I didn’t workout for a period of time. My whole body would feel heavy and just blah. Now I’ve been recovering from bronchitis for almost a month and my body still feels great inside. YES, I’ve missed moving and pushing myself but I 100% feel like myself, light and happy. 🤗🍉🌿🥑
#eatingclean #foodismedicine
💕: @noellebenepe

Staying safe in the kiddo pool since I haven’t been able to workout in 3 1/2 weeks 😬💅🏻

I’ve noticed lately that I can easily go days without seeing a single person.
Working from home, no longer being in my twenties and no more craving that social fix or bar scene is like the recipe for isolation.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a homebody and will find any excuse in the book not to get out to sit in traffic and walk on sticky bar floors.
But sometimes it’s nice to get out and meet people. No matter how much of an introvert I might be.
So I made a conscious effort to at least find a place where I can work on the book I’ve had in my head for I think eight years now (better late than never) and I found this amazing little nook.
I went for the first time yesterday and right away got started on the book and found out they have amazing people that come to speak, from NYT best selling authors to producers and people in the entertainment industry like ABC, Scrubs, Cougar Town etc.
I have always loved learning and even though I can’t personally relate to the entertainment industry, there’s something about listening to someone who is really passionate about what they do. And I know I’ll be able to take bits of information and apply it in my own work.
Those of you who watch my stories know I’m going to a writing/speaking event on Monday already 🤗
Enjoy your weekend my loves.
📖🖊🌿 @writers.blok

I’m one of those that can sit and work for hours straight and forget the rest.
I’m talking like 16 hours straight or 36 hours without any sleep.
Not good at all.
I literally have to tell Alexa (my assistant aka amazon Alexa) to remind me to walk my dog or to move my body; “hey Alexa, remind me to get off my ass at 2pm... “ + “Alexa, remind me to walk the dog at 6pm” 🙄
Life. Saving.
Like now, I just practiced an arm balance in lotus (yoga) in between working on the computer and it gave me sooo much extra energy by just getting that blood circulation going, plus it’s fun as heck.
I guess this post is my reminder to you to get off your ass in between too 💋

Sleepless nights, forgetting to eat, sweaty palms, high anxiety, and agony;
the symptoms I used to experience when walking into the court house and police department.
Forcing myself to seem brave even though my whole body was screaming out of fear.
Talking myself into getting it done and to not give up when I wanted to hide.
I was having people questioning if I really want put myself through this hard and lengthy route.
People that should be advocating justice.
There comes a time with any fear that we face, when we start pushing past it and we realize we made it out on the other side.
It all of sudden becomes easier.
We learn that we can survive what we didn’t think we could before,
even if it’s just something seemingly small as speaking up in a meeting or in front of a crowd.
Yesterday I realized I had pushed through my fears of the court and police department.
I think it happened sometime this summer.
After two years of countless hours and days inside those agency walls, I am finally at peace with it.
I don’t enjoy it but I know it has to be done.
I always knew I had to do whatever I could to protect myself and any other woman who might walk in the path of the same predator.
And yes, it was a rough journey, and it’s not over yet, but not once have I regretted it.
Lesson learned, it’s always worth pushing through your fears if it’s something you believe in.
p/c @wanderlustyourself

All about MOOD BOOSTING foods today (and apparently my granny cart and sandals 👵🏼) Head over to @thethirty #igstories today and walk with me through my weekly farmers market run where I show how I pick out the foods that improves your mood and why they are so good for you.
And just for the record, I had several people today compliment my granny cart for looking so “picturesque” and “something out of a magazine”- sooo 😏👩🏻‍🌾 #dontmockthecart
.... also ignore my olive baguette and loaf because that has nothing to do with mood boosting foods other than being delicious for toasts, salads and soups.
Have a great weekend!! Xo

Have you ever heard about the maqui berry? Not many of you know that my mother grew up in the Chilean jungle with the Mapuche, the indigenous people of Chile.
Mapuche means the people of the land, the earth, and my mom’s maiden name is Chihuailafken, the people of the fog over the sea and lake.
They had no electricity and lived completely of what the land and the animals gave them.
One of those things were the Maqui berry.
A couple of months ago, I walked into the grocery store and bought maqui berry powder without even thinking twice. I put it in my kitchen cabinet and then forgot about it.
A few days ago I brought it out again for some reason and I read the back of it, “... wild-grown superfruit Native to Chile where they have been consumed by the Mapuche people for centuries to help boost immunity, strength and stamina.”
I called my mom and she tells me stories of the maqui berry and reminds me they were growing everywhere when she took me to where they used to live.
Do you ever feel like your subconscious guides you sometimes? I feel like a lot of the things I do today are a reflection of my heritage and background.
Since I was little I have been using these “superfoods” and my mom remembered once when I was 7 I had to leave to see a friend and I brought the whole gourd and metal straw with me so I could finish my Yerba mate, which sounds exactly like me today with my glass jars and reusable straws 🤔🙈
Aaaanyhow, I made this smoothie bowl and it was delicious!😋
1 frozen banana
1/2 c frozen strawberries
1/2 c frozen blueberries
1 tbsp maqui powder
Coconut water as needed.
Sprinkled with bee pollen.
also I just learned maqui has over the double amount of antioxidants than açaí and any other purple fruit. It kind of taste similar to blueberries so I think you guys will like it 🤗

Summer might be over but the memories will last a lifetime 😍 what was your favorite this summer?
I can’t even pick one myself.
From camping and road trip through Sweden with my family, sailing along the islands of my hometown with my childhood friends, witnessing the wonders of our earth through the dark caves in Mexico, singing in the car with friends as we drive through beaches and jungles, to biking through South beach in Miami with my bestie and godson.
The universe has shown its abundance and for that I’m grateful.
p/c @riva_g_ ❤️

Even after eleven years in this country, I’m still noticing a lot of culture differences, and maybe this one is more of a big city thing... but when did we stop sitting still to drink and eat?
Everything we get now is either for to-go or for delivery, and even when we are actually staying at a restaurant or cafe, they automatically assume we are going somewhere and need our drinks ready to bail, just in case.
No wonder we are going through so much single use waste when we are living in a world where everything has to be rushed.
I actually have to request having my drinks and food in actual cups and plates. And sometimes I even get a weird look, like I’m the weird one 🤨😊
I remember growing up in Europe and even now when I go visit, I always love admiring different coffee shops and their coffee and tea cups. Like they take a pride in them, handpick them.
I actually do the same. Each cup in my house is different and has a different story and origin.
I remember I would always sit for hours with friends or family members at cafes, talking and sipping. Either basking in the spring sun or snuggled up with blankets. On beautiful patios on the cobblestones, or down the staircase in an old building underground.
I’m grateful the culture back home is still strong and when you go, everyone expects you to stay.
Maybe you don’t have all the time in the world but try to take a few minutes, just to sit still and enjoy your drink. Maybe put away your phone and have fully present conversation with your friend. Or read a book.... #lifelivedlagom

What I wish I was doing right now....
Reality? Still in pjs. Still haven’t showered. And still feeling sick and nowhere near to getting back in the water.
BUT instead of moping (ok maybe a little) I’ve managed to get a lot done on the computer and around the house.
Things I would otherwise procrastinate and not end up doing until months later.
Realizing this is just a reminder to be patient and slow down.
Anyone else stayed in pjs all day?
Just me?! Sweet...

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