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Does anyone know if there are any Irish dance classes in LA? 😆 spent about seven hours today listening and dancing to live music in Dublin; even learned a few moves 🤙🏻😅

First day exploring Dublin and loving it. I have this thing where I buy a book in every new place I visit, today I picked up a cookbook with traditional Irish dishes that I can’t wait to recreate and get inspired from. We also found an outside market with fresh produce, cronuts, pastries, fish n’ chips, delicious restaurants and pubs with live music that I can’t wait to go to tonight 😍 Oh and lots of Christmas lights (obviously) and thrift stores!
A lot of this city reminds me of my hometown of Gothenburg with the buildings, cobblestones and the sound of the trams coming through the streets.
Grateful to be here with bestie @noellebenepe - who else thinks this mama deserves a night out while baby stays with his nana? 🙋🏻‍♀️🤫 (she’s gonna kill me now 😂)

A little piece of Ireland ☘️

Traveling the world with my lil #zerowaste kit 😅picked up this thermos in a teeny little coffee shop on the north tip of the Big Island in Hawaii and it has been all over Central America, USA and Europe in just one year.
Other ♻️ essentials with me are:
Stainless steel food storage
Utensils kit
Reusable napkin
Tote bag
Produce bags
(all fit in my backpack)
Made it to #Ireland last night and spent the night at my cousins house in Dublin (@affeliten you’re the best!) and now staying down south with bestie, godson and an incredible group of humans 💕

Post-flight ✈️ two of the most important things, movement and hydration.
This little flow felt amazing but if I didn’t have the option to do it all then these three (in the slide) would be my top priorities 👉🏻
What’s your favorite thing to fight the post flight funk? ❤️

Been feeling extra grateful these last couple of days. During the time I was married I was never allowed to go back home, only one time towards the end (and he tried to stop it) - which meant that I didn’t get to see my family for over two years.
Now I’m going back to Europe after just five months away.
Feeling very blessed and wanted to share it with you, just in case you needed to hear if it gets better after you leave.
It does.
Much better.

Leaving for a month on Saturday and my fridge is literally echoing. Had some leftover wild rice, chickpeas I had cooked last weekend, some cilantro, a cucumber and an avocado and taaa-daaa!
Turned into a cilantro wild rice bowl with garlic roasted chickpeas and cubed avocado and cucumbers.
Added olive oil, apple cider vinegar and za’atar to the rice.
Also, thrifted this belt and this white 100% cotton blouse/shirt today 😍
More over in stories. Xo

home ◈ I remember sitting in the back of a cab twelve years ago.
Eighteen years old.
Leaning my head against the window, watching the buildings, palm trees and streets passing by, thinking to myself that this will one day be my home.
One day I’ll be driving down these streets in my own car.
I’ll have a life here, a home.
It became reality eight months later.

If there’s a will, there’s always a way.
And a little bit of stubbornness can go a long way.
◈ Magic sunset captured by @miketanlines

I should probably have posted something nicer like this 👉🏻 (swipe) but decided on this cheesy phone picture instead because I’m just SO happy to eat right now 😭😂
I was up late and asked you guys if I should eat or just go to sleep because I was hungry but it was almost midnight. Most of you said eat, but a lot of you also told me to go to bed. Rude. Just kidding 😘 well I realized that I had to get to USDA by 6.30am to get a stamp for my dog to come with me to Europe this week so I basically camped out there from 6.30 to 8.30 just to find out it was all for nothing because my EU passport for her is enough 🤦🏻‍♀️ then I really wanted to go to yoga class because I don’t know if I’ll have time this week so I did that, so now 12 hours later since I told you guys I was starving, I finally got food and I might have over done it a little bit because I’m really trying hard not to drop this bowl in the picture, it’s that heavy.
In my bowl: roasted chickpeas (details in stories), guacamole, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, Japanese sweet potatoes, mushrooms and underneath all of that, kale and cilantro massaged in olive oil and apple cider vinegar.
Also, last day today (like 11 hours) to get the 30 Day Body Project with 45 recipes, yoga and workouts for 20% off ($20 for both Volume 1 & 2) link in bio using code “GRATEFUL4U” ❤️

Before I start to talk about yoga, this song though 😭❤️ it’s been on repeat in my house for like 5 months now.
“Así que tranquila mi vida esto nunca se va a caer.” yyyy
“Y unos besitos pa yo curarte el corazón” *sigh* 😭🙄❤️
Ok so yoga...
My practice is part time experimental and part time play.
Like using the resistant band here allowed me to focus on the stability of my standing leg, my core engagement, length of my spine and leveling my hips instead of getting so wrapped up in the finishing pose aka how high I can get the leg, which would be completely useless for me if I skipped all the other steps.
Sometimes we are so focused on “getting there” that we forget about the journey and the foundation.
I like to ask my students to at least humor me and try using props and then if they still don’t like it then at least they tried something different.
For me, I love how getting creative in the poses and using aids can improve my posture and even challenge myself to use muscle groups I was bypassing because my ego was in the driver seat.
Song: Agüitaecoco con Simon Grossman y Luz Pinos
Reminder: ebook & online course is discounted for only 24 more hours 🙃 link in bio. Yoga, healthy recipes and relearning your body how to shake off the stress and tension like it’s supposed to do 👌🏻

Mornings walks with the little ones 🌾👶🏽🐶

Signs You Are Dating A Sociopath- an article I’ve been working on with the help of professionals in criminal investigations.
With the hope to make it as helpful as possible for people to get out before it’s too late.
Sharing their experience from years of working with victims and sociopaths, and of course, my own personal experience.
But you know what would be even more helpful? To hear these stories from others.
Anonymous contributions of course.
Over the course of this year I’ve had thousands of you share your stories with me but there’s no way for me to scramble to find them again, and most importantly, I want and need your consent.
If there are signs or parts of your story that you think could help someone else, send me a DM or email me at
Thank you loves.

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