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🐬🌍♻️  Texas born n raised. Always wondering what's over there. Follow @fieldguidestours for some cool bird pics

When I first met Caitlin, it was move-in day freshman year at Southwestern University and I didn't know anyone, so I wore my little brother's Strong Bad shirt to see if I could make friends fast. It worked on Caitlin, my suitemate, and that's where it started. We had a lot of Sunday brunches and shared a lot of iPod music stuff. I am proud to say I was with her the first time she got drunk. She had great music taste. I knew we would be friends for a while.
Since then, we have been to Germany, Belize, Marfa, and got matching "dessert-themed tattoos" in Mexico. We've protested our rights at the Texas capitol and we've been kicked out of Barbarella. We've had dance parties at the old Beauty Bar with the gang from "Of Montreal" and have had slip n slide contests at Zilker park with strangers in the rain. She invited me to dinner with her family when I was unemployed, and when I declined because I was too down she brought me take-out anyway. She was voted "most tender-hearted" in elementary school and I think that still stands.
And what's more, I keep making more incredible friends because of her. Cheers to all these years on this planet making it better, and to many more years of doing more things. Happy birthday, @caimarr 👯 (Pic stolen from @tobiewahl 🌝)

I had about 45 mins away from the group when we arrived to Sachatamia Lodge and went on a quick solo hike on the grounds. The scenery wasn't too bad.

Aunque estoy en Ecuador, mi 💗 está con mis queridos en Texas

These guys followed us all down the road, but only when we weren't looking. They seized the opportunity to get a good look at those of us who were similarly curious about birds.

An unforeseen logistical snag.

For those who don't know, I work organizing international birding tours for @fieldguidestours , and about a week ago was informed that I would have the opportunity to join one in Ecuador. Pictured is our first stop to Yanacocha to try to see a black-breasted puffleg. We saw tons of birds, Pygmy owls, and other puff legs, but not our target. Such is life. Either way, all is well and we're having great fun.

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Scenery from the Nono Mindo road into the cloud forests of Ecuador☁️

Needless to say, the coffee here at Maquipucuna Ecolodge is incredible.

Hello, summer!🌞

Dad's happy place=when ppl keep bringing you food
Kyle's happy place=matching family outfits ✌️

Happy Father's Day to the best dad on this side of the Pecos. 🌵🤠

Happy 88th bday to my grandma. @elainegarrettmorrow101958bm
"If you got it, flaunt it" -EGM, OG Babemaster since 1929.

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