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You.guys. The plant shelf is here!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨I'm so in love. The greatest traveling plant shelf there ever was.

While we do live on the road, a part of me will always belong to Pittsburgh. I love that city and the amazing humans/companies in it. For example @cottonbureau who is working on making their own tee shirt blanks! Hey girls, have you ever tried on an American Apparel women's shirt? Ridiculously tight, short, and thin, right?! Well these amazing humans are going to change that shit. So freaking excited for tee lovers everywhere. 👯 To learn more click on my link in my bio!!! 💪🏽

If you are something like me, your phone is one of the first things you grab in the morning. Before I know it 30
minutes have gone by and I haven't done anything. As suggestion from my husband, I have been trying to get my mornings back. I have been trying to not touch my phone until after breakfast and I have made a plan for the day. I am remembering how lovely mornings can be, without Instagram and email. Gives me some time to get my mind ready for the day. ✨

Something you may or may not know about me. I am obsessed with plants. Moving into a home on wheels was so hard for me in regards to my clothing and plant collection. Luckily I have some lovely humans in my life that took some of both. But the spring fever is getting me all excited, and just in time for Kevin to be building me a plant shelf! It will be going up tomorrow and I am SO silly excited. A plant shelf that will hold the plants while we travel so we don't have to worry about them falling and soil getting everywhere! 👌🏽(Sidenote this amazing and soft necklace is by @sarasashasura, and ear cuff is by me @theroadtosilver) 👯

Little family portrait. By the amazing @cassierosch. ❤

The more Kevin and I explore the more I am thrown out of my comfort zone. There is something to be said about being uncomfortable. It throws you off, messes with your routine, but you can either adjust and thrive or not.
The rest of this year we will be in places I have never seen before. It's kind of a scary thought. To be thrown into a new place every couple weeks. But I am excited to grow throughout this process. Oh, and so much exploring to do! ✨

👋🏽 guys! So, I make and sell jewelry now (yep, I made all of these). This new passion project has turned into a full blown obsession. Hence my Etsy shop and Instagram account @theroadtosilver. Tomorrow is my third shop update ever! I'm so proud of what I have made so far, and SO grateful for the support I have received! Feeling like a badass as I work my way to calling myself a silversmith. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💍💁🏻🚌

Yesterday was so good. It was my first time in Las Vegas, and Kevin and I had the most amazing tour guide, @parkerbryn. Who basically made me feel way too cool because she followed my blog back in the day when I first started. Still cannot believe my blog brought this amazing human into my life, but Parker, I LOVE YOU! ✨👯❤💁🏻

The worst part of living on the road? Not having the people you love a short drive away. This past week we had my best friend and her little family visit to explore Joshua Tree National Park. It was magical, but ended too quickly. We just wish everyone we loved traveled and experienced stuff with us all the time. This life is magical, and even more so when you have your favorite humans with you. ❤✨ pic by @krysc1987

We had an amazing photo session with the magical and inspiring @cassierosch. I still cannot get over how much I adored her, and the photos she has sent us are 😳😍🤗👌🏽 Pure magic. ✨Check out her amazing work!!!

Yesterday, I wandered around a magical cactus farm with our current neighbors and new friends @lifeamongpines. It always makes me swoon hardcore. I don't know what it is about plants that makes me so happy, but they do. ❤🌵🤗

This little dude has been all over me this morning. Such a little cuddly thing. 😊It is probably because it got a bit chilly, but I like to think it's because he loves me... 😅

This statue is was amazing. It was so fun wandering around and checking out these incredible things. I may have gotten sliced open from goofing off with the scorpion statue- but it was worth itttttt! 😜

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