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skating into the weekend like...

(just kidding- I’m in bed with a cold, my head feels like it’s going to explode, and I’ve watched 6,852 episodes of Paw Patrol [aka the nanny] today.)
#badmomsclub #tiredmomsclub


blending in. 🕶

just hangin out.🐒

out of office.

i’m calling this look “insane clown posse, but make it fashion”.

(also known as “lazy mom last minute costume that you throw on over your clothes...”)

almost 1 year as a Californian*.
this is the magical fairy forest we call home, captured beautifully by @jeffreymschad.
*(is that the correct term, it sounds weird to me?)

Trans rights are human rights.
Call your reps. Fight. VOTE.

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(very slightly) smiling on the outside.

#blackfridays #rage @glennondoyle #onfridaywewearblack #ibelieveyou 🖤

sending love to everyone having a difficult week. we are all in this together.
i believe you. 🌹❤️🌹
#believewomen #metoo

repeat after me.

rp @verapapisova

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