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Mandy Bunny siu  Life Wellness devotee, Career & Life Wellness Coach / Kids Yoga & Art Teacher #bunnywellness

當我們於自己的型態時-是媽爸,子女,貓,狗時,外型真的好不同,所以可能有時感到自己是弱勢者!但如果大家是沒有型態?沒辦法比較吧!哪,大家是否一樣啊?!🕉 #bunnywellnes
what's the relationship of form and formless? When in our forms as mother father child cat dog; apparently we are different, maybe feeling inferior than the other forms!! What's if comparing in formless? There is no form to compare with, so are we the same?! 🕉#bunnywellness

Occupied so occupied no matter with work or life schedule, then what about our thought? Occupied with worry, fear, anxiety?!? our mind space is so cloudy that it isn't enough space for peace, love, compassion thoughts! Any organic magic cleaner for our though to clear cloudiness? 🛁#bunnywellness
工作時,日常生活時也是好忙喔,非常忙,沒有時間!至於我們經常忙在想什麼?憂慮,恐懼,焦慮?這些思想已經佔了大部分腦子空間,那再有空間去想有關平靜,愛,慈悲!請問有沒有有機的多用途易潔劑去淸洗一下混濁的腦袋?🛁 #bunnywellness

Gonna bring #smurfshk to kids art classes tomorrow, creating 3D space on 2D and AR figures into the space, fun fun fun with #harbourcity #smurfsinhk #hcart

Tried out myself for new kids art class! Let's create abstract art ! excited to try with the kids #bunnywellness

What is your feeling when reading a book? It's more accessible to READ information via digital, stimulates our curiosity; so we are hooked to do skim reading on the surface and few second of thought! Almost forgotten the feeling of reading a book with deep reading and deep thought! Time to Deep Dive into a book for this summer ☀️📖 which book you would like to read? #bunnywellness

A good way to start the day? cup of coffee? Pick an Angel card!!! Amazing energy to kick start a new day :
quote " ... What goes up, must come down, what swings in one direction, must at some point, swing the other way." No absolute state of right, wrong; good, bad! Okii as Angel reminded I will try to Look beyond the duality 😇 #bunnywellness

Fear, Psychological limitation! Have you try tumbling or go upside down after grown up if not an gymnast? The fear are so intense that just stopping you from trying even in your thought! That's psychological fear perhaps is the key blockage of us not able to take adventure in life 🙃🙃 #bunnywellness

No & Want! Kids say "no& #34; and "I want" are so innocent and natural; but if hear the same thing from adults or even older kids, we tense to make sweeping judgment ... selfish, not nice etc. it's ok to be assertive to our feelings, truth to yourself with loving kindness to express that feeling to others like a child ! 😽😻 #bunnywellness

Becoming a kids, drawing free style, prep for kids art class @bookazinehk for inspiration

How powerful is our mind? we know in someway the mind is about "individual& #34; when adding our individual minds = a powerful collective big mind, the consciousness!

Doggercise 😝 needs creativity thou #bunnywellness #dogwellness

Superior Source created us in the image of the source so are we that Source?! Believe once in a life time we all have asked : who am I? what am I doing here? why Superior Source created me? Are we from the superior source? If so, we are the manifestation of that power? Then we are powerful, full of potentials 😝✌🏻️ #bunnywellness

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