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Just a normal day at the office. Have I mentioned how much I love these people? #momcon2018 #dreamteam

Cheering on @iamcardib and all the moms out there who are making hard choices.

You guys... I am so excited about this book. Can’t wait for you to get a copy. Pre-order it wherever books are sold. #havemorefun #newbook #preorder @mops_international

Congrats to my friend @elisamorganauthor on her new book! Elisa is brave, wise and says the things we are all thinking but too afraid to say out loud. Pick up The Prayer Coin wherever books are sold. #theprayercoin

We’ve been raising these kids together for the past 13 years, from preschool to driving. Even though we live in different states now, a summer vacation is the perfect way to get the gang back together. When you find friends like this you never let them go, and you say yes to any opportunity to spend a few days playing bingo at the local fire station, lighting fireworks and going too fast on a tube. #northcarolina #lakegaston

@msrachelhollis is one of my favorite authors. Check out my newest podcast where I talk with her about being a working mom, spicing up your relationship and why it is important to never break a promise to yourself. Link in bio. 🎉💕

Charlotte is living her best life. In December she used her very adept skills of persuasion to convince Joe and me to get her two bunnies. A few weeks later Misty and Lulu joined our family. A couple of months after that, we realized that Lulu is actually Lou and now we have six baby bunnies to read with. Best decision ever.

My friends JJ and Dave Heller are on the podcast today and you need to hear their story about non-stick cookware because it will revolutionize your relationship. Link in bio. Also, if you want to consume podcasts Dave Heller style listen to it at 2x speed.

We filmed at @denverunionstation today and @prescottshek let me wear the cool headphones. MOMcon 2018 is going to be hilarious and awesome. Do not miss it.

My brother @a_dudes_life cracks me up. Here is his best advice for all the guys out there on how to up your game 😂. Make sure to swipe to the left and watch the video.

I really love this interview with @amandainchaustegui. She is smart, thoughtful and super wise, and also happens to be my executive coach. Amanda helps people gut unstuck and make powerful choices. Make sure to email her for an introductory coaching session at

We take our work very seriously at @mops_international. Shout out to my partner in slingshotting @emma.turnbull

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