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MANDY PERKINS  UF Cross Country & Track alum Nike📍Miami *Views and opinions are my own

Man it didn’t hit me until seeing this- our brothers together, surrounded by all of us, now joined in heaven. So powerful. Dan please guide him, hope you two are finding comfort in one another. We miss you so so much❤️❤️ RIP @iron__dan @winters_peak_photography

Happy birthday @macyhuskey!! Can’t believe how many memories we share... me dragging your ass out of trouble or you taking me down with you 😉 you make life an adventure. I love you so much & you’ll always be a best friend & a special little sister #8doobies #beaninthenose #nicejacketgrandma #yadumbassss

High school is when you learn about life the hard way, get disappointed, confide in a friend late night on the river away from the party, get uncomfortable, shape your identity, learn about yourself through others, gain confidence from new experiences and meet lifelong friends.

No matter where or what we are now, a friend who was there during these growing pains and self discovery, enduring the highs and lows of the awkward transitional teenage innocence into real world situations will always be a precious person as you’ll forever see yourself in them from that very special, delicate time of life.

Thank you Billy for being one of those people. Sitting behind me in classes, especially history, already knowing the lesson with premeditated opinions, giving me nicknames I’m still called today, hugs in the hallway, trying to rationalize with me when I was upset, protecting me, explaining things, gently exposing me to the real world while minding my naivety, showing me I was special, respecting everyone’s point of view while brazenly reminding you of his.
Billy, you were ahead of your time. You were so fucking smart I don’t think teachers knew how to handle it. You cared about everybody even if you didn’t want to show it sometimes. You made everyone feel comfortable and welcome during a time in our lives when self-criticism ran rampant. You were the glue to many friend groups and constantly on the search for a good time.

I love you so much, although our lives took us in different directions you were and always will be a reflection of who I was in my most genuine, authentic state. Thank you for experiencing life with me. I miss you already. Rest easy my brother ❤️ RIP... ps. Please give @iron__dan a big hug from all of us ❤️

Searched for this since ‘04 #SloanePetersonObsession

First show.. THEY’RE BACK🙌🏼 I’ve been waiting almost 5 years for this 😍

Ubas hea

@dumbflotrack_trackisback you really outdid yourselves with this piece of art

Found this over break☺️ & mail addressed to him as simply “The Honorable” it made my day. Love you Papa P!!!!

I heard “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis today & thought it was the perfect 2017 song. But on the last day, I drove to a state park in a 1952 MG, ran a long trail run and kayaked with my dad in boats he made by hand, reflecting on how much I learned about myself & life this past year. Not a bad ending, but I have big plans for you 2018🥂

Christmas Eve at the beach sippin a cold one when @gengen_lacaze calls to tell me she’s ENGAGED!!!!!💍 So many tears of joy... from me lol @ryangregson25 thank you for being everything we could ask for in a lifelong partner and husband for Gen. I remember when you two started dating I knew you would be her last boyfriend. To know my sister is spending her life with a great man is the best Christmas gift I could receive. Looks like I’m coming to Australia two times in 2018!!!! The engagement party/wedding is gonna be wildddddd. What a Christmas, I love you both so much! @gengen_lacaze @ryangregson25 #whereisDonna

90s baby

Gianni’s washroom bigger than my house

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