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So this just happened. 😩

Meal prep for 5 days on the road. I'm *hoping* to share my meal plan, shopping list and prep notes in this week's newsletter. We'll see! Subscription link in profile. #rvlife #havekidswilltravel

If tonight's "activity" was any indication, we're soon going to be traveling with a lot more than two African dwarf frogs and they're definitely going to need a bigger tank. πŸ˜‚ #biology101 #theehmanmenagerie #rvlife #havepetswilltravel

This has been going on for an hour: watching funny animal videos on YouTube and cracking up! 😍

Lists, lists and more lists! {Sign that I'm just a tad bit overwhelmed: I basically keep rewriting variations of the same list as if that will somehow make it easier to accomplish.} #roadtrip #rvlife #havekidswilltravel #workanywheremom

Saturdays are for stacks of library books. ❀️

I've never done an official "pantry challenge" before, but I have lost everything in my freezer while traveling, so this week we're eating from the freezer and pantry to try to use it all up. We've bought just a few perishables (lots and lots of eggs plus almond milk, fruit and yogurt), but it's been mostly about using what we have. It's not going to be fun to restock when we get home but definitely good practice at sticking to a meal plan -and- it's good for the vacation budget!

This is a very important part of our travel plans: a mobile hotspot as part of our new AT&T Unlimited Plus plan. I'm not exactly sure how this math works, but we upgraded our plan and added a device and the monthly cost went down. I'll take it! πŸ˜‚ #workanywheremom #rvlife

Childhood! 😍 {I would show you how muddy his whole body is, but we haven't yet mastered pants, lol.} #lastchildinthewoods #getdirty

Plan, plan, planning! Sean's planning the route, campsites and sightseeing; I'm planning the food and school. What a team! ❀️ {Yes, Mom, I'm going to send you a full copy of our itinerary once it's done! πŸ˜‚} #colorcoding #rvlife #adventureawaits #roadschooling #havekidswilltravel

There is so much to do before we leave for Utah on Tuesday and I did not want to make time to put this guy down for nap, but now I don't really want to get up! ❀️ #babiesdontkeep

Three year olds are so fun: "Mom! I found dis weal football in da cwoset! It matches my helmet! You howd it wike dis so it doesn't swip!" πŸ˜‚

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