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Mandi Ehman  Wife. Momma to 4 spunky girls + 2 baby boys. Full-time WAHM. Blogger. Homeschooler. RVer. Celebrating my crazy, chaotic, beautiful life in photos.


No contract 😔 but the sky picked a good night to show off! ❤️ #wildwonderfulwestvirginia

Saturday snuggles. ❤️ #owenthehedgie

My companion this morning is this handsome lego builder. He's talking to himself and using sound effects while he builds, and it's just the cutest! ❤️

Three things: 1) Last minute trip to the pool with this crazy crew. 2) We're waiting for a response to a counteroffer on our house. 3) The best part of my new schedule (besides pool dates in the middle of the day) might be midday naps! #workathomemom #straighthairdontcare

When you're just too tired to finish your nuggets. 😂

Reading allthebooks while everybody else sleeps. ❤️ Getting close to his 2nd birthday and one of my very favorite stages of parenthood!

When the dog bites your baby boy, you splurge for the ridiculously expensive character bandaids. {He was so brave today at the doctor's office. Because of the size of the wounds - stitch worthy but not stitchable because of potential infection - and the redness and swelling he's already got, we're starting on antibiotics. This was definitely a provoked bite, so we're hoping it's a one-time-only occurrence. Praying for no infection or nerve/muscle damage on his elbow/arm.}

Three things on the summer solstice: 1) Our struggling reader had another breakthrough this week, and oh does it make my mama heart happy. 2) I worked early mornings when we were in Utah and thought I might keep that schedule when we got back, but instead I've been working late evenings, and I kind of love it. I have all day with the kids, get to go to bed with Sean, and have the chance to start the days slow instead of racing from thing to thing from the moment I wake up. 3) This morning the 3yo shoved a lego up his nose and *then* he got bit pretty badly by our dog tonight. I think that's enough drama for the week! #summersolstice #threethings #homeschooling #workathomemom #workathomeschoolingmom

I love my new tank top ... and the guy who inspired it! 😂 #myhusband

In the words of the 3yo: "It's good to be home!" #homesweethome

And that's a wrap! We decided to skip our last stop and head straight home today (and there was much cheering). We've got a 6.5 hour ride ahead of us, but I don't think anyone minds too much! #homebound #roadtrip #rvlife #havekidswilltravel

You lead and love us well, and we love you more than words can say! Happy Father's Day! ❤️

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