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Amanda Berg 

The doggy is learning to swim... At 6 years old... But doesn't think he should have his chest in the water or his feet.

Mieka, my princess, the English Setter/ Australian Shepard

Jack the Weimaraner/ Coonhound

Rusty the redbone coonhound

Minnehaha dog park, photo by Colin Thompson

I can not get enough of this delicious tantanmen ramen! #unideligram

My kitty Sonya is insistant... She says, "I love you for 20 seconds at a time, don't touch me, I will touch you, and you, slave, do not speak."

This happens when my doggie thinks I pet my textbooks more than her :).

I return from a long day at work, a long day of my dog closed in the top floor of our house... My roommate asks, "hey, is your dog wearing a shirt?"........ My underwear. She wears my underwear and I have no comment.

Found a present for Sonya, a brand new unused-looking kitty scratcher...she loves it, probably bc I got it from the dumpster.

Mieka covering her nose

Sonya loves her new Christmas kitty toy from aunt Cassie and uncle Colin!