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Amanda Marshall  The food I most identify with is a slightly burnt cookie

Pic 1: how I'll look if you come to my recital
Pic 2: how I'll look if you don't
Tomorrow at 6 PM, Galvin Hall 😊

Pic magic: @wildoneontheloose

On another note, apparently I look like David Cassidy from The Partridge Family.

I love how Shanghai combines old traditional culture with feeling young and hip, e.g. ice cream in an orange peel from ~Lab 21~ right next to an old Buddhist temple dating 247 BC. I like that there's a Shanghai Arts and Crafts Research Institute with a security guard in the front. I like that the city feels ancient with such a futuristic skyline. I like how the traffic is so haphazard that our bus did a casual 3-point-turn across 4 lanes of traffic. Oh. And I love the Youth Wiggery.
Would return 10/10!

Please vote for me to be Hongkoming Queen


Did you hug a chicken today?

Frantically writing a thank you birthday post as my plane to China goes down the runway! Thank you @drtronahue and @mollys517 for easily the most unique birthday experience I've ever had including shady bowling (they let me win), soap factory tours, exploring abandoned steel factories, bbq'd pulled pork, and helping me find wifi to submit my final before 3 pm. Thanks @ba.c.ha for the birthday [potato] cake and everyone else who came to see me that night! I love you guys! And birthdays! And 24! Ok I'm really about to lose service now bye everyone

If Enya were a sunrise

Wasteland? I think you mean WONDERland! -
[To be read in the voice of @keen_a_bean]

Surround yourself with people who help you fly

10 kids and 15 grandkids later, Janette and Stephen continue their prosperous reign over the Marshall Dynasty. Thank you for filling all of your subjects lives with great music, books, food, and adventure. Happy 40th anniversary to two of the most delightful, energetic, spontaneous, and loving people I know!! #legacy #marshalls #marshallseverywhere
@jan10kids @stephen9507

For all y'all with the winter blues
Ft. Being upstaged by @jtaicello

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