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Amanda Marshall  The food I most identify with is a slightly burnt cookie

I've decided to name my violin. It will now be called My Violin.
📷: my friend @mshannahsamson!

The city that sometimes sleeps

My immediate family: "We expand or we die!" #obx2018

salty girl from the Salty Lake

Sketch of @thomasthelionmarshall in his natural habitat! Happy 22nd birthday bro 🤠 #tomwayne

Camping > campus #duh

Pic 1: how I'll look if you come to my recital
Pic 2: how I'll look if you don't
Tomorrow at 6 PM, Galvin Hall 😊

Pic magic: @wildoneontheloose

On another note, apparently I look like David Cassidy from The Partridge Family.

I love how Shanghai combines old traditional culture with feeling young and hip, e.g. ice cream in an orange peel from ~Lab 21~ right next to an old Buddhist temple dating 247 BC. I like that there's a Shanghai Arts and Crafts Research Institute with a security guard in the front. I like that the city feels ancient with such a futuristic skyline. I like how the traffic is so haphazard that our bus did a casual 3-point-turn across 4 lanes of traffic. Oh. And I love the Youth Wiggery.
Would return 10/10!

Please vote for me to be Hongkoming Queen


Did you hug a chicken today?

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