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Amanda Wallace  🌺🍄🍊🌼🌵🍃🐬🐳💦🔮

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Happy Birthday to my forever inspirations - my mom and David Bowie⚡️⚡️⚡️ #letsdance #whydidshegetridofthosepants 😪

🦂collaboration w @marissalynnla 🦂She's showing photos from a performance I did in the Salton Sea last spring at the Young Blood pop up show on female presentation and power at @noustousla by @ctznsofculture opening tomorrow ~ 7-11pm ! Go hug her and see her work for me LA friends💛

🌻 another moment from @olimpiadior 'a #hereandnow dinner party 🌻 #goodbye2017
end of year survey:
What did you shed?What grew underneath?What entered your body?What left it?Who made you feel like a firework?Who made you feel like a tumbleweed?Who do you think of when you touch your cheek softly?Did you envy a knife?How many seconds did your bare feet make contact with the earth?What mattered the least?What did you do with your shoulders when you felt truly free?Were you shat on by a bird? What will your grandchildren think of your nudes?Where did you put your rage?Did you go with your gut?Is your gut yours to go with?Did you get what you gave?Your belly button has been cancelled.What u gonna do about it?Did you distribute more love than you received?How often did you speak to strangers?Was it scary?How much digital debris did you leave behind?How does it feel to hold a dollar in your hand?How does it feel to hold a bitcoin in your hand?How does it feel to hold a dick in your hand?How does it feel to hold raw meat in your hand?Are you grateful for hands?What held you all along?What did you feed your eyes?Did you spend enough time looking at things that look back? How does a year feel
on your body?

🍨🍧Composite of moments from @olimpiadior 's performance #hereandnow Dinner Party at @secretprojectrobot 🍧🍨@babyskinglove @marietomanova @moniiitas @theshurething @seebrisendine @vaalerieee_ @rubyconmusic 📸@aaronbeaumont / edit by me

🌫Snow in Maine on Christmas with @aaronbeaumont 🌫🌬❤️

🍊Food prep for a feast in the subconscious by @rosemaryliss for @olimpiadior 's performance #hereandnow Dinner Party at @secretprojectrobot last month

Xcited for Xhoir and all the other performances tonight at #trevorshaus ~ here are some photos from the last edition #spittleofthemoon organized by @hait_lin at #momaps1 💞

✨Feeling immense gratitude for the community of performers and artists that I've met since moving to NY. Here's a shot from the final moment in Caitlin's piece at @momaps1 on Sunday. 💓
Words from @hait_lin :
"If there's one thing #trevorshaus makes clear it's the absolute beauty and generosity with which people live and create when you meet them with encouragement and an open heart rather than suspicion and defenses. Everything we do is better together and everyone's voice is valid.
Unplanned or orchestrated, every single piece last night addressed treating other humans as capital and the chokehold fear at the root of ownership. Keep moving keep loving and do the world a favor, microdose a bully and make them join a choir " #spittleofthemoon

Performing tonight in @olimpiadior 's DINNER PARTY at @secretprojectrobot With @moniiitas @babyskinglove @bodybyviva @marietomanova @theshurething @seebrisendine @rubyconmusic @zetagalan @ppmansion_stepheno and more// image from my collaboration with @marissalynnla 📸

🍒performing tomorrow in @olimpiadior 's DINNER PARTY at @secretprojectrobot 🍒 Come feast on the here and now with us @moniiitas @babyskinglove @bodybyviva @marietomanova @theshurething @seebrisendine @rubyconmusic @zetagalan @ppmansion_stepheno and more ❤️video by @cinikvac ‼️

❣️🕳Bending and mending the black holes in our faces this Sunday at @momaps1 Sunday Sessions for @hait_lin s "Spittle of the Moon " along with an incredible line up of performers. Face by @mario_or_am_i , squish by me. Ticket link in bio🕳❣️

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