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Mowgli  A has-been that still hasn't

Moab w/ Mofriends #weakwaterrafting #choke

@daniel.bowmanphoto caught me in my natural habitat #keepingmygillswet #2x4 #salmon

Too many good moments to recap. Too many good pics from the other weekend not to post. #cathedralvalley #friendsintightplaces

Boatin' with some crusty cap'ns n some salty women. Life is sweet. #moist #nimblefingers #crustycaps

Slightly better than the crab sushi at your local grocer. For those of you who would have asked, had you known. #puttingthecrabbystraightintoyourpatty @zandersays @wellzer

Relaxing in mother nature's blessed waters 🙏

My second favorite non-LDS temple

This ain't battle royal 🇺🇸x 🇦🇺✌️

Happy burfday to @moosebop way to carry on the bday tradition and a huge shout-out to @bshafen for taking it like a man!

Welcome to camp kids. We three amibros will be your camp counselors. Grab a buddy and let's go!

Father and son skipping out on daddy day care.

Visiting mother nature with Dad n the harem