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Mowgli  Quite essentially I'm an animal

Holiday weekend pal pic plus some homeless guy #pal2018

Goin Solo

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Friday the 13th was all they made it out to be. #JudasPriest #leatherdaddies

If you asked me 5 years ago which is more likely, me going skiing for the first time or me living in Salt Lake, I would have laughed in your face about both... At least I'm still living in Happy Valley #skiingiseasy #seeyouinthe2022winterOlympics #thenextElizabethSwaney #psych #boardingstillbetter Thanks for the adventure @ktsimmonswvcm

This photogenic sloppy bear has a burfday today. He loves Redbulls and lifting, like a proper bro but he also places #1 in fortnite and my heart. He's no leather daddy but he won't say no to Bday spankings. He keeps us all secure so no haxorz can lollerskate on any of us. Happy burfday @wellzer

Utah: life elevated, bro.

Mondays, amiright?

🗡Slash and burn🔥 📹cred: @ericschwantes

"Hi, I'm Snowgli and I like to party!"

I came to appease the snow gods and pray for snow. Hey Utah, did it work?

Straight outta Provo! #MWA

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