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Mana Deilami, Esq.  Mindful motherhood. Mindful living. Mindful loving. Plant-based.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society" -J. Krishnamirti .
The things that are happening around you don't always line up. Just because it is socially acceptable to do certain things, to act a certain way,does not mean it is the right way to do it. #bedifferent

“.....When we live to please others at all costs, we are choosing popularity over purpose.
Most of us want to be popular, we want to be liked and loved and we work hard to please other people. How many of us might define ourselves as people pleasers, but popularity is fleeting and it does not bring lasting and ultimate fulfillment. Choosing to be popular is a constant chasing after the wind because fads and tastes change and we have to be constantly comparing ourselves to others in order to make sure we measure up and keep in step and end up on top. The other problem with choosing to be popular above all things is that we often do this at the expense of a greater purpose in life and let me be clear – our purpose in life is not to be popular. While there are some people who make this their purpose in life, simply being popular is never a God given purpose.....” #thinkingoutloud #gracewins

🇧🇸🌊🐬wake me up when it’s summer...

Monday blues🌊

🌿 spring ‘18 💕 hibiscus

A Little piece of France brought over to The Bahamas in the late 1800s 🇫🇷🇧🇸

Not all the stars belong in the sky💫 #bahamas

Spring is near 🕊

Under the sea🐬 @kalitaofficial

It was beyond a dream seeing the Maldives with this little love🐳 #sandbank

☄️💫✨ walk in love🌿🌎 @jefffosterofficial

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