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Mana Deilami, Esq.  1 John 3:18

You give LIFE to what you give energy to... invest your energy wisely 🕉🌸

"Confronting the reality of our own mortality is important because it obliterates all the crappy, fragile, superficial values in life. While most people whittle their days chasing another buck, or a little bit more fame and attention, or a little bit more assurance that they’re right or loved, death confronts all of us with a far more painful and important question: What is your legacy? How will the world be different and better when you're gone? What mark will you have made? What influence will you have caused? They say that a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can cause a hurricane in Florida; well, what hurricane will you leave in your wake?" #markmanson 🦋

C🌸UNTRY 🍃side 🌱🍦

Love affair with summer🌈 #saltymessyhairdontcare

The most vicious cycle... #hurtpeoplehurtpeople

My American pie 🇺🇸❤️

My talented friend behind this 📸is coming to visit NY🍎 @jetsetanisa can't wait to see your beautiful face ☁️ #standardhotel #nyc

The sweet sweet smell of JUNE🍃my fav month🕊our sunny boy was born in June , Father's Day is around the corner, & 90 degree weather is here to stay... who could ever ask for more 🍃 #June #flowerpower

In the company of mother-nature🌿🍃 #Hamptons #summer #chasingthesun #mothernature

@jefffosterofficial I am beyond obsessed with your work! You are absolutely genius- such a brilliant writer. #morningvibes #love #gratitude

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