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Manager Jon  Artist Mgmt|Film|Reinvention| 📍NY You’re either in the game or watching others play 🤙

Like father like son... 😑😑

We have a duty to humanity to take care of each other. There are those in this world that rely on us not because they choose to, but because of the circumstances.
We spend money so frivolously on silly things every. single. day. when we could take the time and care for each other 🙏

Unless you are number 1 ☝️ in your industry you shouldn’t be “chillin”

I’d like to thank my ISS teachers that would book me 3 times a year 🙏

My reach succeeds my reputation

Gratitude is my fuel ⛽️ 🤷‍♂️

Meet the Yousef’s

This is a rare photo of me watching my international bill skyrocket 🚀

Work hard, love even harder

A lot of times I get so caught up in capturing the moment and organization that I never take the moment to capture it for myself. Every single one of these guys mean so much and I am proud to call them business partners, but mostly friends 🤙

👑 Kings & Princes 👑

“Jon take a picture of me pointing to something” - @captainbaroudi

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