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"Colours are brighter when the mind is open." How true is that?! I've always done my best to be honest with you and let you know what's going on behind these pixelated squares within my life. Sometimes I tend not to go into too much detail because honestly, I don't really want to chew your ear off or put you to sleep.

We've been unsettled with our impending (and ongoing) move that was postponed a few weeks back but thankfully as of 5pm today things took a positive step forward.

I also wanted you to know that a few people have reached out to me after reading the anonymous sexual abuse posts that have been published on the website sharing their own stories - thank you for taking the courage to do so. As sad as it is to say, you may think that grooming isn't something you need to worry about but in reality, it is. Whilst I'm not qualified to help, a charity (after reading both articles) has kindly reached out to us and will be writing an article for us to help support those who have been affected as well as signs to look out for / preventative steps.
These posts are taken seriously (and all privacy is respected). We have promised that we will do our best to help those we can whilst raising awareness.

However raising awareness is slightly difficult when there's so much talk going on about @instagram, the "shadow bans", changes of algorithms and it's very confusing. Like others, all I know is there's some sort of "glitch" going on and for some reason my posts aren't reaching as many as they used to.
It really knocked my confidence (especially as I've worked so hard at building this community) but after speaking to some ace people (you know who you are) - I got the confidence boost I needed.

So you see when you open up and share, it helps train your mind to see something good in everything, there's always someone there to offer support, lend an ear and show you that there's a rainbow of colour ahead.

#perfectlyimperfectparenting 📸 / Print by my talented friend @oliviarubin
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My vision of creating a safe social space for parents to support each other is fast becoming a dream come true. I've said this before and I'll say it again - I only have you all to thank for it. Because without you, Mamazou wouldn't have been able to grow and flourish into the company that it is.

I have so much joy running through me right now and absolutely thrilled to announce that I've been nominated and listed in the 2017 London mummy bloggers by @motherhood_ldn alongside so many other incredible ladies.

Additionally, our #perfectlyimperfectcrew giveaway is still running on FB & Twitter. For more info please check back a couple of posts or head to our FB / Twitter page.

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Tag someone here that needs reminding because... Yes, you are, you most certainly are. Sometimes, life takes over and we forget this. These words, they're short, they're effective and they're simple to understand but they do often get forgotten. Why are we always so quick to look down on ourselves? What is it that continuously impacts us in our lives that we don't feel good enough? And why does our thought process lead us to this?
If you truly believe that you are enough and know you're enough then nobody will ever be able to tell you otherwise. That's my take on it anyway.
Today, we feature not only the inspiring @this_girl_is_enough but also her courageous, gorgeous 13 year old daughter, Darcy, who has written a beautiful, heartfelt letter to all teenage girls. Head over to the website and give it a read.
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What an epic weekend full of celebration and happiness. Getting awarded with highly commended @ukblogawards was such incredible news! Without you, Mamazou wouldn't have gotten to where it is and I'm so grateful to all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Saturday was spent @luckythingsblog meet up. Sunita hosted a lovely event and I had such a wonderful time seeing so many familiar faces and meeting some lovely news ones. Feeling very blessed to so many fabulous people around me.

#perfectlyimperfectparenting .
#treasuringlittlememories #thisismotherhood #lifewithkids #instamamme #womenwhosupportwomen #hipstamama #acupofmotherhood #pbloggers #mummyblogger #littleandbrave #mbloggers #motherhoodrising #capturingchildhood #ukba17 #letthembelittle #letthekids #reallifeofmums #momkins #lovemomblog #dadlife #unitedinmotherhood #momlife #thepersuitofjoyproject #littlestoriesofmylife #nothingisordinary #oureverydaymoments #love #mamazou

I've been tagged by a few people to share #20facts about me... so here goes:
1. I am a Libra - “they” say we’re well balanced but sometimes I’m not so sure ;-)
2. My daughter is my absolute miracle and I don’t know what i did right to deserve her but I count my blessings every single day
3. I hate brussel sprouts
4. I know just about every chick flick off by heart - I could watch The Proposal every single day of the week and not be fed up of it.
5. I’m quite self conscious, vulnerable and insecure and as a result…
6. …Alcohol tends to be my social lubrication in big crowds
7. I can’t see out of one of my eyes every morning when I wake up for at least 10 to 20 minutes and it scares the shit out of me
8. I have no feeling in the top of my mouth (including front teeth) after brain surgery a few years ago.
9. I am one of the most stubborn people you’ll ever meet (ask my husband)
10. I’m an impulse shopper and my most expensive purchases are when i’ve had a crap day
11. I am scared of the dark, heights and losing people
12. I dont watch the news often as I get too sensitive
13. Sugar is one of my biggest weaknesses - especially Haribo
14. I LOVE Spinning
15. i have crap hand-eye coordination
16. I have a thing for truffle fries
17. I’m all about spreading the love and making people feel good.
18. My happy place is with my family (on holiday is a bonus)
19. We are planning on getting a puppy in the summer - it feels more real now that i’m typing it!
20. I'm quite a spiritual person

You're up next @mummypiggles @fromwheremummystands @parentclub 💗
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#treasuringlittlememories #thisismotherhood #lifewithkids #instamamme #lovelookslikethis #magicofchildhood #acupofmotherhood #pbloggers #mummyblogger #littleandbrave #mbloggers #childhoodunplugged #capturingchildhood #toddlerlife #letthembelittle #letthekids #reallifeofmums #momkins #flashesofdelight #dadlife #unitedinmotherhood #momlife #thepersuitofjoyproject #littlestoriesofmylife #nothingisordinary #oureverydaymoments #mamazou

This week has started on a high and we are so excited to share our new giveaway!
We are giving you the opportunity to join our #PerfectlyImperfectCrew by winning some of our new @perfectlyimperfectshop merchandise (worth up to £90.00). The prize includes a choice of adult sweater as well as a kid's hoody or slouchy and some colouring postcards.

All you have to do to enter is comment with the competition hashtag #PerfectlyImperfectCrew on the giveaway image on our FB or Twitter page (Bonus points for sharing / retweeting). The competition will run until 23.59 on Monday 1st May and we'll be announcing the winner on Tuesday 2nd May 2017.
#PerfectlyImperfectCrew #LetsTalkRealParenting
The competition is only open to people based in the UK and full terms can be found on our website.

Hope you're all having a cracking Easter weekend and that the bunny brings you lots of happiness today. We have lots of eggscellent (see what I did there) things on the website today. Read @eatyourwordsgb latest article on the origins of Easter as well as an amazing Easter Egg cake recipe. @lifecake are offering all our followers 25% off their photo printing shop as well as 10GB extra storage space and @readingeggs are giving our followers a one month free trial. Head over to our website to read more.
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So excited to announce that we interviewed the incredibly talented London Fashion Designer (and amazing mum) @oliviarubin ahead of the launch of her new collection. @oliviarubin has worked with high profile designers, top London retailers and celebrities.

Read more in our feature where @oliviarubin shares her fashion staples and everyday fashion advice.
#perfectlyimperfectparenting #letstalkrealparenting

Do you speak to your kids about bullying and how they respond?

As my beautiful, vivacious little girl gets older, bullying is something I'm hugely concerned about. As adults, I'm sure most of us know from our childhood how horrible it feels to be bullied and how difficult it is to tell others how we were/are feeling. I never want my child to go through that but also know at some point she will.

We've featured a brilliant article by @relaxkidstamworth who shares a classroom's reaction to a bullying social experiment and the importance of teaching children that it's not ok to be unkind to one another.
Link in bio.
#perfectlyimperfectparenting #letstalkrealparenting 📸 by @emmacollins_photography

#bullyingawareness #bekind #kindnessmatters #antibullying #loveoneanother

It's hard to show the world that you're open and vulnerable. It's even harder to portray that behind a bunch of pixels. I often drive myself crazy with my thoughts and that's from years of putting my brain into overdrive. But putting myself "out" there, on social media, has definitely made it worse... "What will they think of me? How many likes will my photo get? Will they unfollow me? Why do they unfollow me?!" The question I should really be asking myself after those thoughts is - "Does it really matter?" The answer is No. Deep down, I should know that. We should all know that.
But why is it so hard to think highly of ourselves when we are presented with pixels of others people's lives? Why are we so quick to judge? To compare?
Does it make us feel better? Or worse? Do we gain anything from it apart from feeling pretty crappy about ourselves?

Social media, you really are something! You have been and continue to be my weakness. You bring out more of my (many) insecurities, make me anxious and question my ability on plentiful occasions. But whilst you have done this, sharing my weaknesses and accepting are making me stronger. My skin is becoming thicker, my confidence is growing, I've met (and continue to meet) some incredible people, I've developed special friendships and built wonderful relationships. My dreams of building Mamazou have become and continue to be an ongoing reality. So whilst I sometimes ramble on with my thoughts on social media and the negative impact it can have, I really am eternally grateful for its existence.
#letstalkrealparenting #perfectlyimperfectparenting 📸 by @emmacollins_photography

#truth #thoughts

Looking forward to another day out in the sun. I've had a number of DM's after my instastories for some of my smoothie recipes.
They'll be on the website soon 😊. #perfectlyimperfectparenting #letstalkrealparenting

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