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Mama Moon Candles  Scent magic candles. Hand poured in London🇬🇧 100%vegan•essential oils•paraben free•cruelty free fragrance oils & made with a whole lotta LOVE❤️

This isn’t my usual style of post, so warning in advance this might be a more upsetting read than normal.... I also must confess I have have tears streaming down my face as I type this... Some of you may know that for the past 5 months I have been pregnant with my first baby. This was news that came as a complete and unexpected surprise.
Once the initial shock had worn off my boyfriend and I were buzzing
I don’t think I have ever felt so excited about anything in my entire life... I hadn’t realised how much I wanted to be a mummy .. cuddling, feeding, group hugs... my boyfriend and I daydreamed endlessly about our new future and the family we were about to create.
Over time we slowly yet excitedly shared the news with friends and family and began planning our new future, then last week at our 5 month scan in one instant all our hopes and dreams were shattered.
When the consultants began whispering we feared the news wasn’t good ... however I don’t think we could ever have been prepared for the shock of what we were blood flow via the placenta wasn’t strong enough to keep our baby alive, she was simply too small to survive.
I am sad to say I am experiencing a pain and loss that is unimaginable. it literally felt like we had been punched.
I don’t yet know the reason why the universe has thrown this at me ... in moments of positivity I reflect on the incredible bond that I share with my boyfriend I am also so grateful for the love and support from all my amazing friends in these dark times...but my grief is overwhelming....grieving for what I imagined my future was going to be can be too much to bare
I am so appreciative of the love and support from my insta family but I am going through a moment in my life where I will lap up any spare love and healing you lot might want to send in my direction... thanks for reading , lots of love Semra xxx
PS I’ll probably be a little quiet on here for a while... but my trusted assistant Danielle will be taking care of all things mama moon until I’m back on my feet. ❤️❤️❤️

“People have to go out of their mind before they can come to their senses.”
- Timothy Leary
(I love this quote ... reminds me that it’s totes ok to go a little mad sometimes! We are only human ...🤷🏻‍♀️
Go easy on yourself! ) ❤️📸 @the.frequent.sea

“You are not limited to this body, to this mind, or to this reality—you are a limitless ocean of Consciousness, imbued with infinite potential. You are existence itself.” -
Joseph P. Kauffman
❤️📸 @artleove


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
— Dr. Seuss
❤️📸 @collage_expo

“At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.” -
Thich Nhat Hanh

Communication break down?
Third eye feeling a little bit foggy ?
Need to tune in to your intuition for some answers? .... if so, this candle might be the one for youuuuu ....
Tobacco has been used in voodoo spells as offerings to the spirits for centuries. Rituals using tobacco invoke a relationship with the divine energies of the universe when seeking spiritual guidance. It's scent promotes confidence and personal strength while assisting with communication in difficult situations. (If you need help communicating with someone write their name on a peice of paper and leave it beneath this candle while its burning to draw them to you) Oak helps us attune to nature, enhancing sensitivity and spiritual awareness, it also brings luck, money and protection.
I hand pour all of my candles myself in my kitchen within a protective circle - this batch has been infused with Kyanite which boosts your telepathic power and opens up your throat chakra.
Click on image to get to my store 💜
....and listen with sound UP foR SOME FRIDAY FEELING VIBEZ xxx

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.” – Alan Watts

Oh my oh my .... Who else out there is still feeling that super moon energy?
When she shines soooo super bright shit gets real and her cosmic light can illuminate EVERYTHING 🤯
(Hello shadow side, my old friend!!!) You may notice that you are extra sensitive, feeling stuff a little deeper than usual, your intuition might be turned up to the max, you might feel super tuned in to judgments, lies and all that jazz ... It’s can feel like a drag and drain the hell out of you ... But please remember ... IT JUST MEANS YOU ARE IN TUNE WITH THE UNIVERSE .... Found this pic stored in my phone and it helped me today, I hope it helps you too. Sending healing telepathic hugs to you all ❤️🤗❤️xxxxx
💜📸 @divine.mind.tribe

Coincidences, synchronicities, and serendipities are ALL signs from the universe that you are on your true path.

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“ All of us need to be in touch with a mysterious, tantalising source of inspiration that teases our senses of wonder and goads is on to life’s next adventure” - Rob Brezsny

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