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Michelle Rajca-Frost 

The last bit of Isabelle’s breakfast... looks a bit surprised at the day.

Five of my Carolina Reapers are red, trying to decide how to dry them (if I use the dehydrator I’ll have to do it outside)

Little Zelda is looking a little dusty, she’ll flop at my feet and roll around in the dirt/sand/leaves waiting for me to scratch her tum.

Trooper Socks hitting the ‘nip again...

A few stalks are thick enough to harvest, one more year before we can consistently eat asparagus.

Mama Cleo helping in the garden.

This is my water supply (for the toilet - at least we can flush) not so fun lugging buckets up the bank and 100m to the house.

Really interesting piece of quartz pulled out of a hole I was digging. It washed nicely, I have a half bucket or quartz and granite to rinse off and pick through. That is only one hole, I have at least a dozen more to dig.

Catnip growing everywhere, my plants have seeded themselves well. Asparagus and rhubarb are popping up as well.

Trooper Socks following me around the yard. The minute the cats see me head out to garden they like to follow and watch.

Luna asking for some love!

Jake loves the snow, no matter the reason.

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