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This morning, Meghan was "crafting" at the table and brought this paper over to me. It's a note written to her puppy, White (who is currently on top of the fridge as Meghan "lost" it for inappropriate behavior this morning). It says, "WIT I WIL MIS YU" -aka- White, I will miss you.
She's never shown much of an interest in writing words. She's able to read CVC words and words with beginning and ending blends and is working her way through learning digraphs. She can write all of her capital letters confidently. Today she put those two skills together!
Over the next 30 minutes, I heard her sounding out all sorts of other words and writing her own ideas - we have an proud independent writer in the house now!
I thought it was pretty great to see this skill combination "click" for my students - there are no words to describe the joy I feel seeing it happen for my own sweet child.

She can't help it...even when she's grumpy she's so stinkin' cute!

Back in our element.
Today while playing outside, the girls just played their little hearts out and I was able to get a lot of necessary early spring yard/garden work done. I'm still in awe of how "at home" my girls are out in nature. And, it was quite wonderful to me to see how well Katie could problem solve and enjoy the outdoor play without constantly 'needing' me to help her figure things out. And it was equally wonderful, watching her run around kicking a ball and also raking leaves, to see how much more coordinated Meghan has become in the last few months.

She's the master of capital letters. And so proud!

That's a piece of gluten-filled pizza that was on my plate and is now in my belly. Because, in a major change of events, after 8 years of living with celiac disease, I found out today that I was misdiagnosed. I don't have celiac disease. A piece of bad-for-you pizza seemed like a good way to celebrate.

This girl and her play = all the heart eyes!

Apparently what Daddy was reading was not at all interesting to her.

"Mommy! I make big tunnel!" -- Katie Grace -- Her first time building vertically with the #grimmsrainbow.

This centerpiece is the best kind....bulbs we can plant out in the garden when they are done decorating our table this spring! So pretty!

Least anybody think she's calm and quiet - this is Meghan. 😂 Singing Cats songs with Papa this morning.

It brings me so much happiness (like, a ridiculous amount) to watch my kids enjoy my old Little People at my parents house. We rotated out the vintage baby toys for these this morning and all sorts of happy memories of many hours of play came flooding back. Small world play was my JAM. Not surprisingly, my kids love it too!!

Stringing beads made from Play Doh at Mimsie and Papas. I love her creativity!

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