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Jackie  AK ❄

The kids and their dog on a 14 degree snowy presidents day

#sourdoughsunday I made biscuits, two loaves of bread, crackers!

Mike calls Morgan my #minime if only I were that Lucky. She's beautiful.

At our tech training playground! So many fun toys!

Some Alaska plates have a bear on them which is perfect for the #southpark fan because now you can have man-bear-pig as your license plate! 😂

When you receive an official letter that is full of typos that it HAS to be a joke but isn't. 😱

Playing poker with nickels!

These two at the elementary school dance. I literally can't even.

For the 100th day of school I got my picture taken and aged with one of those silly apps. This is me at 100 years old.

I've been getting speckles of heat rash on my arms for months now, but today they progressed to full blown hives. All of this from exercise. After living hive free for years now this is a scary. #hives #allergicreaction #heatrash #urticaria

I started my day listening to the Hoods and finished with some #myspacecoaster

Today I'm 34