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Malvina  Youtuber. Musician. Fanfic writer. Kaylor shipper. Feminist. Queer af. Lover of memes. Proud Hufflepuff. Bad at writing bios.


I can't believe that this smol bean is now thirteen!

I was finally getting excited for autumn and then we got like 3 days of 80° weather. Like???

"This is looking like a contest / of who can act like they care less / But I liked it better when you were on my side." ~the old @taylorswift

i'm a heartbreaker apparently

☁When by dodie☁
This song doesn't really apply to what I'm feeling right now, but I was feeling sad and it's what came to mind. I don't really know why but my mind works in peculiar ways and I've learned that it's best not to question it.

That moment when you've got a theme to keep but Taylor keeps dropping songs/being gay and you want to post about it. No, I was not ready for it.

this flower may be about to die of thirst but it sure doesn't look it 🌺

"Please don't question me for every childish, naive thing that I do, cause I'm not ready to grow old yet."

This is the second year in a row where I've done veda, and I'm still astonished that I didn't miss a single day. What am I going to do with my life now that I don't have the constant thought of "I need to make a video" hanging over my head?

Made some chocolate chip cookies today. And yes, they taste as good as they look :)

🐱 sleepyhead.
In other news, I'm playing at (yet another) open mic at Swifty's tonight. I got to sign up at exactly the right time, but I'm still 6th on the list and will probably have to play at around 9:30. But even though I'd rather be curled up with my cat browsing tumblr, I'm going because performing is addicting and if I want music to pay the bills when I'm older, I'd better try my damn hardest now. I don't really know why I decided to type up a random inspirational caption, but here you go. I hope that you'll be able to power through whatever you're doing right now :)

It was Milan's first concert, and afterwards he said, "I love EDM but this actually made me feel something." I'm slowly converting him! Yes! (He also said, "This is the most gay people I've ever seen in one place." He's a great kid.)

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