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Malcolm Steven Reese  You're a witch in a candy house Just begging me to sin.

Finals got me like

Let's exchange butt photos πŸ’–

The cuddles are real tonight πŸ–€

Wish I was sipping on mimosas rn

Sorry my hands are dirty and I had a hard time getting a good video while also trying to open the box πŸ˜… but I designed and made every part of the box and ring and I'm pretty proud of myself considering it's the first ring I've ever turned πŸ–€ maybe I'll perfect it and make some more in the future πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Also, forgive the not-so-wonderful picture, I'll try to get a better one and post it later

You still have a few hours until we play if you can get out here!

It's not perfect, but the next prototype will be better πŸ€“ the stamp head is 3D printed, the handle was turned on a lathe out of walnut, and the ink is a leftover "empty" ink cartridge that I messily busted open and poured onto a towel πŸ˜…

I got to open up for @wecameasromans last night, and then was very excited to see them at the bar after the show. I got to talk with them, buy them some drinks, and really see how down to earth and amazing these people are. I am still shook by the whole experience, and I hope I am one day as cool as them 🀘

Because using my computer always ends up with me in some form of a cat and mouse game anyways πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

It's still a little messy, and I'm not done setting everything up, but I have made a ton of improvements to my home studio/study zone over the past few days and I am in love with it πŸ’–

I've been drawing a whole bunch lately, and I'm really happy with these designs in particular 😊 anyways, these will be available as a small batch limited run of locally screen printed posters. Pick one up at one of my band @dakotaavenm's upcoming concerts while they are available (swipe to see upcoming shows)! You can also message me for tickets to any of our upcoming shows if you haven't already πŸ’–

I'm so lucky to be able to share the stage with so many bands who have influenced me so strongly over the years. I can't wait to play these shows πŸ’–

Message me for presale tickets and show details πŸ”₯

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