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M A L A R I E M I C H E L E  this isn't all that important

it's water over the bridge #artsybecauseitsupsidedown

"Someday Boyfriend Material" feat. Rob


He's got a big personality

We're Carries in a world of Mirandas.

Zan: "I think those are called...DMX riders... right?" // Mal: "DMX is a rapper."

Who is that reed I see, staring straight back at me? 🌾

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Body Language by Chris K Noel now available at your neighborhood Macy's

Mal: "Your skin looks soooo good in this light" // Leah: "Is that why you chose this spot..." // Mal: 😬

Leah in awe as we fly over one of the Springfields in Middle America ||

invite only 💅🏾

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