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Sheryl  A happy potato with a six months old biriyani baby growing inside! 😊 Snapchat ID : Siamese twin sister of my Instagram ID :P

Three phases of spycaming Beeny :

1. Catching a glimpse
2. Whining for taking a video
3. Serious Beenny face so that I stop ❤️ P.s in continuation to my previous post : don't wash off all that coconut oil with shampoo just as yet.

Nuts over Cocos! Coconut is life, coconut is bae. Don't you dare mum's the word about my coconuts!
#hairs #coconut #essentialoils

Pictorial representation of the insecrities of a foots and feets shorter Sherlymol. Beenny, what's up with the height man! 😋

P.s should I take him to Kerala and make him pluck some coconuts for me? 😁


The Wilma with the fancy sleeves! 💃

This weekend was perhaps the most adventurous I've ever been.
Beenny had a little reunion with his besties from college (and I tagged along like a third wheel 🙈). At 3:00 AM the boys decided to relive some college memories and show me their 'spots' in Anekal. We went to what they call 'The drift spot' and 'the water tank'. yes! We climbed a monster of a water tank in a wide expanse of uninhabited beautifully green land! My thighs hurt as I'm writing, from the number of ladders we climbed. This was the first time I was conquering one of my biggest fear! I was shit scared. I looked as though I'd poop in my pants any moment, I climbed like a scary poo. But I climbed and that was a start!

It's pretty crazy guys. I'm more determinant to go at it. You guys should try to face your fears too!
P.s the boys had to wait for almost half an hour (after they climbed down) for me to finally reach down. I was being damn clingy, not letting go of the lovely ladder. 😬Beenny boy was a sweetheart and climbed down patiently with me. The climb down was scarier than going up and I cannot lie😅

Sherlymol falls into this trap every time and end up indulging on another one coz why not! I scream

1. I-cream-gasm
2. Thank you Jesus for icecream
3. This can't be true, I was eating real slow! 😟
4. Why Jesus?
5. Whaaaayyyyy?

#swipeleft #swiperight

The rush of confidence after doing my eyebrows!


Fava beans! The Megs and the other Wil in my life ❤️

Sometimes my tailor chettan gets into this mood and goes all out with his designing! Is your tailor chettan like Sherlymol's?

#skinshow #designer #CuteLilPeeps

Thanks to the wonderful men at office who made lovely food today and made sure that all the lovely ladies got their fair share of biriyani babies!
#WooMensDay #or #WeeMensDay #celebrateMenToo #MenToo

My happy place, candid taken right when the bone got stuck between my teeth.

P.s biriyani baby is growing, I'm going to burst one day and the world will remember me for my showers of blessings 💩

#theseMolars #iTellYou #soNaughty #burst

Sniffin her tiffin! Ananny😘

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