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I just spat my water out 😂😂😭😂 Happy #WCW to all you ladies out there eatin as much as you want while bein the size that you want and feelin secure as fuck with it 👯‍♀️

I just realized I never followed up on the Whole30 consideration! Man it’s been a crazy few weeks.

The verdict is: it’s not going to happen. Although my reasoning for wanting to try it had EVERYTHING to do with the digestive issues I’ve been experiencing, and I feel very secure in my relationship with food as well as being able to stop doing something that doesn’t serve me, I’ve decided to take a different approach in figuring out what is upsetting my stomach.

A lot of you suggested I try cutting out dairy first but I had done this before and saw no change. What I have been doing for the last few weeks is eating intuitively and keeping a food journal of what I eat and how it effects me. I’m starting to see a trend in experiencing gas and bloat after eating greasy foods! A slice of pizza, a few chips, etc gives me an upset stomach.

Thank you all so much for your feedback. While I do recognize that Whole30 can be beneficial for some, I am not a proponent of severely restrictive diets when they are not necessary for physical health. I came to the decision that the diet was not necessary for me.

You bet your ass I’ll still be eating pizza and chips, but I will be very mindful of the portions and enjoy them in (even more-so than usual) moderate amounts.

Here’s to being self-aware in what is the right for you, and for finding a happy balance in your diet and your life!

This looks like an ad for Snickers (and it should be, Snickers @ me).

Every time we go grocery shopping we go with a plan. We know what meals we’re having for the week and exactly what we need. Not only does this ensure we have a balance in our diet but it saves us a ton of money.

Years ago when my diet was shit and my grocery cart was filled with Poptarts, chips, TV dinners, and no fruits or vegetables it was tough to transition to making a meal plan and actually sticking to it while shopping.

So I started to allow myself one thing not on my list. I still have a few processed items on my grocery list for snacks or dessert (cause #balance) but having the freedom to choose one other thing helped me to not buy 18 items I didn’t actually need.

Years later, I still do this! My store sells single Snickers ice cream bars so when we’re done shopping I usually grab one and enjoy it on the way out of the store (splitting it with Marshall because half satisfies me).

Find your happy balance and find a strategy that works for you! This method helps me not feel restricted while feeling nourished. Sometimes I eat Snickers and sometimes I eat salads. Moderation and balance is (IMO) the key to good health.

We are a generation expecting instant gratification.
When we decide we want something, we want it fast.
But greatness takes time.
Creating a healthier lifestyle, building a business, paying off debt, finding your true love, changing the world..
Be patient with your big goals. Nurture them and invest in them but give it TIME.
You are much more likely to make sustainable change in your life when you take things slow.
So get comfortable with the baby steps, they’re still moving you forward.

These photos are taken in the same restaurant around one year apart. Looking at the picture on the left, you would never be able to tell what I was going through.

Early last year was when my social anxiety was at its worst. It spawned out of nowhere about a year and a half ago. I’ve always been comfortable in social situations and couldn’t understand why this was happening but when it came on it hit me hard. I couldn’t leave the house without getting severe anxiety, and sometimes panic attacks.

When we visited this restaurant last year we went with a large group of friends, all friends I love dearly and am completely comfortable with. But I had so much anxiety. I could not stay seated because I was so afraid I was going to pass out from feeling lightheaded. I kept making excuses to get up, “Oh, Marshall needs to go walk around” “I need to go get Marshall a toy from the car” “I have to take a shit” (yeah I was more comfortable saying this to my friends then telling them what was really going on). I sat in the bathroom for a solid ten minutes and contemplated just walking out and waiting in the car. The anxiety felt unbearable. But I told myself, “my friends won’t judge me if I have a panic attack. Go enjoy their company and if you pass out, you pass out.” By the end of the night I had relaxed (pictured on the left) but these frequent situations were exhausting.

Fast forwarded to a year later, visiting the same restaurant with a group of friends, and no anxiety! It’s taken a lot of work to get here which I’ve talked about in other posts and fuck man, it sure feels good.

My hope is that you take away two things from this post. 1) You never know what someone is going through. When I talk to my friends about these experiences they say they could never tell I was feeling this way. That’s because I hid it. Talking about my anxiety when it was happening only made me more anxious. Sometimes you have to process something before you’re ready to talk about it and that’s okay. Be kind and compassionate towards people, you have no idea what’s going on with them. 2) You are capable of overcoming your adversities. Mental disorders are fucking rough. Different methods

We are back in Orlando today! Drove down to south Florida to visit with Thom’s parents and now we’re slowly making our way back to Colorado, but not before going to our favorite restaurant in Florida @coloradofondue (oh the irony).

My workouts on the road have totally kicked ass and I’m really proud of myself for sticking with it. I’ve kept it simple and realistic. I’m hitting the gym twice a week for one upper & one lower body session. In-between that I’ve been swimming, walking, and doing calisthenics to challenge myself in new ways.

Whether you’re traveling or life’s been hectic, don’t forget you can continue to move and nourish your body. Don’t over-complicate it. Scale back if needed and commit to a realistic routine. Keep balance in your diet and your body will thank you. I’ve traveled before and become inactive with a poor diet. I felt crappy and regretted it. I’m so happy with how I feel right now and I’m glad I continued to invest in myself on this trip.

Today was extra fun! My little brother has a garage gym so for the first time in almost two weeks I got to get under a barbell 🙌 Then we went to the park with Thom’s family and I had so much swinging on monkey bars and chasing Marshall around.

Not only is exercise a blessing but more importantly, simply being able to MOVE your body is. I love @mbwellness_’s most recent post about focusing on movement vs exercise. So many of us look at exercise as a chore or just a way to burn calories but that shouldn’t be what it’s about.

Movement feels fantastic! Move in a way that pleases you; have fun with it and appreciate that you can do it. Walk, stretch, dance, lift, whatever it is that brings you joy... do THAT over what you think is the best for your goals. Your happiness is best for your goals.

A totally random photo to ask a totally random question but has anyone done #Whole30 before?

I’ve been researching it and am considering doing it for March. I am 100% against eliminating certain foods for weight loss BUT I am very interested in finding out how my body reacts to certain food groups like dairy and gluten (because TMI but the gas and bloat game has been strong the past few months).

For those of you who don’t know, with Whole30 you eliminate dairy, added sugar, alcohol, grains, and legumes for 30 days then reintroduce them one at a time to see how each effects you. It’ll be hard but it’ll be cool to see how my body runs on solely whole foods.

I would love to hear anyone’s personal experience!

Butterbeer in hand, fanny pack on my side. Ready for the last day in Orlando!

Self-love over everything

Things I missed about Florida:
🌻Wearing dresses year round
🌻Orlando’s farmers market
🌻Swimming year round

Things I did not miss:
🙅‍♀️The humidity
🙅‍♀️The humidity

Determined to get my tan back on this trip 🌞

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