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MALLORY KING  Mama bear 🐻 Certified trainer & nutritionist @KingsCoaching Lost 80lbs with IIFYM 🍕🍎 RECIPES, TIPS, COACHING PROGRAMS 👇

PSA YOU ARE NOT ALONE IF YOU TRY ON SWIMSUITS EXPECTING TO LOOK BANGIN IN IT BECAUSE THE MODEL LOOKS BANGIN IN IT AND IN FACT YOU LOOK LIKE A FRUMPY LEPRECHAUN. And this is not to say I’m not bangin, I sure am, but some things that may look flattering on someone else’s body doesn’t feel so flattering on mine and THAT’S OKAY. DONT LET IT GET YA DOWN BOO. GO FIND YOU A SUIT THAT YOU FEEL LIKE THE GODDESS YOU ARE IN. #bodylove #bodyconfidence #everybodyisabikinibody #everybodyisbeatiful #effyourbeautystandards #expectationvsreality @cupshe #cupshe

When I was younger I hated summer. Especially living in south Florida. No matter the weather I always hid myself in jeans, band tee’s from Hot Topic, and zip-up hoodies. I lived maybe 5 miles from the beach and never went. I felt so uncomfortable in a swimsuit. I wanted to hide my skin as much as possible.
And I was miserable. I was miserable being unhealthy and I was miserable trying to cover-up because of it.
What I wish I worked on more then was acceptance. Yeah, getting healthy was a life-changing journey. It probably saved my life. But I wish I could go back and tell 16 year old Mallory to wear something comfortable in the heat, to not miss out on the beach or a friend’s pool party, to stop giving a single fuck what anyone else thought about her body.
We are who we are and hiding it does us no good. Embrace what ya got. Your mental state and self-love are just as important to your overall health.

A post came up on TimeHop from five years ago that said, “left my heart in Colorado, guess I’ll have to go back soon” and it hit me right in the FEELS. Here we are. Living in Colorado. Living our dream life. And it all started with a really terrifying leap into the unknown. TAKE THE LEAP FAM.
The macro workshop is now OPEN for registration!! It’s going down August 12th but recording will be sent if you can’t make it live. You’ll learn how to track macros on your own and be provided all the resources you need for success. I’m adding in a BONUS and including how to calculate keto macros. Plus an open discussion at the end to ask any and all questions! You can sign-up by visiting the link in my bio. If you have any questions send em my way!

I was taking pictures when Marshall came and joined and then dad jumped in and honestly these are way better than any of the shots I got alone so here ya go 🤗

Happy 4th from us goofs!! ❤️💙

Y’all are freaking out about my progress haha and I appreciate it but I’d like to share some cold hard facts about weight loss:
👉 Weight loss won’t magically make you happier
👉 Weight loss won’t automatically improve your body image
👉Weight loss doesn’t necessarily increase your quality of life
👉 Dieting isn’t for everyone
👉 Dieting can erode your relationship with food
Improving the way you feel about yourself comes down to a mindset shift, not a physical change. I can tell you this because I used to be 20lbs lighter and still hated my body. I still picked it apart. I had to go on a journey to transform myself mentally and THAT is how I’m able to feel confident at every single size. #coldhardfacts #truthbombs #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #loveyoself

Cellulite vs saggy skin. Yo girl has both. Just thought I’d share ☺️ Neither one is something to feel bad about. No, my body is not perfect. But having loose skin surgery wouldn’t make it perfect, and I don’t need it to be perfect to feel good about it! It’s my body and although we don’t have a perfect relationship I appreciate the fuck out of it. (Wow how many times can I say perfect in one caption🤔). #perfectperfectperfect #wtfisperfectanyway #fuckperfect #loveyoself #asis #thinkhappythoughts #aboutyourbody #youarewayfuckingmorethanyourbody #trainyourbrain #tofocusonthegood #okayimdone #doesanyonereadthese

I usually wear high waisted bikinis just because they’re more comfortable but today I’m wearing a regular one and letting that skin hang loose 🤙 #everybodyisabikinibody #bodyconfidence #bodylove #summerbody #lovethyself @cupshe #mombod #momboss

When Marshall was about 3 months old I was alone with him while Thomas was at work. I was sleep deprived and he wouldn’t stop crying. I was still trying to breastfeed with no luck. I felt so overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted- and I just screamed. I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Marshall stared at me for a moment, quiet and in shock. Then he began to cry even harder and I started sobbing. I thought maybe I had burst his ear drum with how loud I screamed. I felt like the worst mother in the world. It was my rock bottom.
Looking back now, that day was a turning point for me. I never wanted to feel that way again. I wanted to be kinder and more patient, for him. Today I realized I have become that person. When he throws a tantrum, I stay calm. When he does something bad I remind him that I love him before disciplining him. Marshall has shaped me into a better version of me. I am forever thankful for the lessons he’s taught me, and I will never again take for granted all the hard days I have with him, because I still have him. #momlife #momtoatoddler #momtruth #momboss #mommingainteasy

Happy Saturday and happy summer! It’s officially maxi dress season 🙌

Swipe right to see my body 2 months ago. I’m not here to say that either version of my body looks better than the other. Just check out that smile in the second pic! I was comfortable with myself then, and I am the same level of confident now.
I will say though that I FEEL a lot better on the inside. I’m working every day to find balance in my diet that makes me feel good. Before this, “dieting” always felt like a chore but the last 2 months have been so easy. I don’t restrict myself. I’ve had plenty of days where I eat pizza, ice cream, donuts.. but I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains.. and I’ve incorporated these foods in a way that I LOVE which is so different than any other time I’ve dieted before. I have a balance I can sustain, not just for 2 or 3 months but for the rest of my life. And my workouts are fun as fuck! I’m flexible in my training. I don’t just want to workout to look a certain way. I no longer feel bad for switching it up. I prioritize moving my body because I like feeling athletic, but I do that in a way that I enjoy.
I’ve opened up spots for my nutrition and training programs on my site. Visit the link in my bio to learn more about my custom plans that include resources, unlimited support, and access to a private Facebook community. I’ve been certified and running @kingscoaching for four years now and have worked with thousands of clients.
You can find a lifestyle that is fun to live. You don’t need to hate your diet to be healthy, you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym.. you just gotta find what approach works best for you, and I’m here to help with that. #balanceddiet #flexibledieting #iifymgirls #healthymind #iifymwomen #macrocounting #flexibleseating

Some dude responded to one of my IG stories yesterday calling me huge and it felt awesome. No seriously, it did. It felt awesome to not be negatively affected by his comment one bit.
The idealist in me wishes one day we could live in a world where everyone was kind and did not try to bring other’s down, but I know that won’t happen. What I do know is that more of us can work on self-acceptance and be secure enough in ourselves to not let trolls tear us down.
Remember that when someone tries to hurt you it is more of a reflection of them than you. I feel sorry for those people, they are unhappy and want other’s to feel their pain. But all I can do is wish them well, spread good vibes, and focus on how I feel about myself. How they feel about me is not my concern. ✌️

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