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had SUCH a fun day today shooting with an old friend @allyperkins! lots of pics to comeeee😛

suuunday fuuunday !!!! ⭐️⭐️ playing around with pigtails today because #WHY #NOT 🐷🐷 // anybody else wish they needed glasses just because they're cute? nope? just me? 😶😂

you are good, good, oh, oh. (if you haven't heard "king of my heart", i highly recommend you do so asap.) let me be real with you for a sec--making Him the king of my heart above all else is really, really tough. i run to others, i run to earthly pleasures, i run to my own abilities far too often. all the while, i have Jesus standing there with arms wide, waiting for me to fall into HIM and HIS love. He SHOULD be the mountain where i run, the fountain i drink from.. but i'm stubborn & i try to figure it out on my own terms. maybe, just maybe, He doesn't want me to figure out my life just yet. maybe He has things far greater planned for me than i could plan for myself. & maybe it's time i start running to HIM more. i want to run towards Him like i ran when i was a child-- wind through my hair, running as quickly as my little feet will take me. running without thought of anything coming in my path; running without growing weary; running, smiling so big my cheeks hurt & laughing joyously for no particular reason. but i'm human, & i struggle. but i know that when i'm not running towards Him, He is always chasing me. & He is holding on. He is good, good, oh, oh. (oh & if you missed my blog post yesterday on insecurity check it out!)

girl, listen to me. you are marvelously loved, and there is nothing accidental about you. become less distracted by the unending cycle of comparison and insecurity, and become more captivated by who Jesus is, and what His purpose is for you. empty yourself from all of the worldly expectations and lies that weigh your heart down, and let Him fill you up with truth. • read the full post on my blog!

i'm gonna be real with y'all.......... i got this bathing suit at walmart for $4

p a r a d i s e ☀️

thinking of never coming back to the states... in love with this beautiful island 🙌🏻

happy father's day to the cutest dad out there!!!

happy friday lovelies! 🌼healthy social media reminder✨ - what you see scrolling isn't a persons reality!! today i made my mom take about 30 pictures of me (with different lighting & angles) to get one to post! every time i see a pretty girls insta i'm like "uggggg. how does she look good after just one picture?" and the reality is that she probably doesn't! 😂 what you're seeing is someone's highlight reel, and you SHOULDN'T be comparing yourself to them! God has made us all different in our own way, and we should be thankful for that! 💛can you imagine how boring life would be if everyone looked the same?? 😝 anyways, don't compare yourself to social media profiles! sure it's fun and enjoyable, but it isn't real life. "don’t be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. where you are right now is God’s place for you. live and obey and love and believe right there."🌟1 corinthians 7:17

bye bye 6 inches!!! ✂️💇🏽 feelin 5 years older & 5 pounds lighter 😂 thank you to @gouldsalons and @judylunati for making my hair dreams come true!

it's 2:10am as i write this caption, & i just wanted to encourage you tonight. (yes, you.) maybe you, like me, are up right now bombarding yourself with questions that you can't possibly know the answer to. maybe you're stressing over something that'll happen tomorrow. or next week. or next year. & maybe you're thinking to yourself "i can't do this." friend, the good news is this: you have a God that's on your side. you have a perfect record when you have the creator of the universe on your team -- you're on the winning team. maybe you can't, but He can. and He wants you to let go of the things that are stressing you, and let Him do his thang. you're on the winning team for eternity. with God, you can never truly lose. rest in this truth.

wanting to go back to the zoo already 🙈

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