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M A L L O R Y B E A L E  all about Jesus. memphis. samford. passionate about empowering & encouraging women with God's word. join my bible study @liveloveddd!


overwhelmed with the Lord's faithfulness today. a few hours ago it started raining and i thought "ugh.. no one is going to come to my bible study tonight." i went into walmart to get supplies, covering my head with my sweater, and started thinking "i don't even want to do this bible study. im too nervous. i'm not qualified to lead girls." i was doubting my abilities and God's plan for my life and then i came back outside and found this. a rainbow. a symbol of God's promise. God had led me to lead @liveloveddd and He promised me it would be good. and so the rain lifted. i led an AMAZING group of girls for the first time tonight. and as i sit here, reminiscing on the day, i am reminded that God's promises to us will never be broken and that nothing is ever too hard for him to make beautiful.

FINALLY got around to putting up all the fliers around campus!!!! andddd then it started raining...#thankssatan 🙄 we are 2 days away from our first meeting on tuesday! i'd appreciate prayers as i go into this new season of life. satan is doing his best to make me feel unqualified and unworthy of leading, but i'm gonna trust God's calling for my life. make sure to tell your friends and be ready to come tuesday night to the first @liveloveddd! can't wait to see y'all there! ☺️☺️

get you a best friend that makes you laugh like this by saying 6 words !!!! @jackiiee_chann

slow morning are good mornings. romans 8:28 "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." i pray this morning that you, along with me, will rest assured that God is doing big things through you + that any work done for HIM is not in vain. we have been called according to HIS purpose — NOT our own. just remember that every single thing you do on earth doesn't matter in heaven, except for what you do for Jesus.

to the most loving, patient, selfless, giving, encouraging, helpful and overall AMAZING woman i have ever met- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! our relationship is special to me beyond words, and i am so thankful that i get to call you mom. you have taught me how to love the Lord, how to handle all things that life throws at me with grace, and how to make the best homemade cookies. you listen without complaining, help without expectation in return, and love without boundaries. i know everyone on facebook likes to brag on their family, but anyone that knows you knows that you are truly someone special. you are a once in a lifetime type of person. you love better then anyone i've ever met, and you are so loved in return. no one gets me like you do and it may seem "weird" to say my mom really is my best friend, but she is. i love you so much! i hope you feel as beautiful today on the outside as you are on the inside!

helllloooo senior year!!!! (how is that even possible)

blessed with the best parents that'll wake up at 6 + drive to nash to see a TOTAL solar eclipse, because partial just wasn't enough. last week best week. (+ by best, i mean we sat in traffic for 5 hours on the way home.)

so here goes... I'M STARTING MY OWN BIBLE STUDY! this is the thing i've been working on, praying over, + prepping for all summer that i've been dying to share!!! i've felt the Lord call me to lead + encourage women my whole life-- which is why i'm thrilled to finally be starting @liveloveddd!
i've always wanted a different type of bible study-- one that lets me be myself, but also helps me grow. one that lets me put my walls down, but doesnt encourage me in my sin. one that teaches me the things i want to know-- real life issues that college girls struggle with. one that doesn't stray away from the hard topics. one that, above all, points me to Jesus and His truths every week. and i've never found that-- so i'm creating it.
if you're like me and you've never found a bible study that felt just right, i would love it if you gave this a chance. it's going to be something new (for you and for me!), and it has the opportunity to be something really special. regardless if you're a freshman or a senior, a pastor's kid or an unbeliever, a sorority girl or an independent, you name it-- you will be welcomed at liveloved. this bible study is going to be about what YOU want to learn about-- and you can hear more about that at our first meeting. ;) for now, dates and times are to be announced! but be prepared to learn about just how much God loves you, and how you can use that to better every part of your life. for more details on LL and what my prayer is for this bible study, i wrote a blog post going into more detail about everything! the link is in my bio! i am looking so forward to our first bible study and i cannot wait to meet you!♡

r e m i n d e r — we can do amazing things ((when we root ourselves in Jesus.)) the fact that Jesus himself said we would "do even greater works than these" after he was resurrected is UN. REAL. 😱 praise God for giving us courage to try new things, + the peace that comes with them, because of >>HIS<< unbreakable promises to us.

living in the moment. this is something i struggle with IMMENSELY. i'm constantly thinking of the future-- graduation, getting a job, getting married, fill in the blank. i stress out about things i can't control. WHY do i do this? why don't i let God do His job + work through me? why do i work so hard on scheduling out my future when God already has my whole life planned? the other day i was reading through my bible + came across psalm 40:5. "many, Lord my God, are the wonders You have done, the things You planned for us." it was one of those rare moments where scripture pops out from the page and hits you in a way that takes your breath away. it was such a simple + sweet, sweet reminder from a loving Father. He has plans for each and every one of us. His plans are to prosper us, and not harm us. He is working, even when we don't see it. learning to trust in His timing is something i'm not good at, but life sure does seem a lot sweeter when i do. // memphis friends-- have @allyperkins take your pictures! she is a total joy to be around and an AMAZING photographer!

had the best time with u :)))

you know it's a good weekend when you get to go to your favorite city + you get to see your favorite guy❤ thanks for being my +1, babe! see you back at school💋

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